Barista Resume Objective Examples

Updated March 24, 2019

Gone are the days when employers accepted barista resumes with self-centered objective statements indicating a passion for learning and growing on behalf of the organization.

Now is the era of employer-centered objectives. Prospective employers need to know what your skills are and how the organization can be benefited from the same.


As a matter of fact, hiring managers are not interested in what you want, and how much you have a desire to learn or grow by joining their organization.

Instead, they want to know what you will bring to them. There are many ways to build employer-centered objectives.


Barista Objective Vs Summary Statement

A barista objective statement is useful for entry-level job seekers with less or no experience in hand. It is also useful for career changers and federal jobs.

On the other hand, a barista resume summary is suitable for highly experienced job seekers.



The following is a list of these objectives for the barista position.



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Sample Objectives for Barista Resume


The most popular objective writing style is, to begin with, two or three qualifications that are of interest to the employer. Then narrowing down the statement to land focus on the target position and target organization.


Cheerful, energized and a friendly barista with 3-plus-years hands-on experience in coffee making, serving and customer service seeking a position with Starbucks. Exceptional talent for latte and fudge art.


A seasoned barista who is committed to making excellent coffee and providing outstanding customer service. Seeking employment as a barista at Starbucks.


Simple and straightforward objectives are also useful. These are not only shorter in length but serve the purpose nicely as well. State the position you are seeking followed by the results you would like to bring.


Seeking a barista position at AA Cafe where exceptional customer service and coffee making skills can be utilized to improve business and promote the coffee station.


The following are some examples of employer-focused barista objective statements.

These are definite winners since they automatically shift the whole focus on the organization.

By creating a very good impression right from the start, such statements force the employer to read through the rest of your resume as well.


To work for the LA Coffee Bar in the capacity of Barista. Offers excellent coffee making and presentation skills, exceptional latte art to supplement coffee beverages and professional work ethic.


Looking for a position as a Barista at Shelton Hotel. Bringing excellent coffee preparation and service skills, the precedence of customer preferences accompanied with knowledge regarding specifications of various types of coffee beans.


Seeking the position as a barista at ABC Company. Bringing a variety of coffee brewing skills and techniques coupled with proficiency in delivering high-quality customer care, catering for individual customer preferences in the form of personalized coffee cupping.

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