Public Area Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 7, 2023

Public area attendants are responsible for the upkeep of lobbies and common areas of different facilities. They are the front-line workers who need to interact with the customers and visitors. That is why they need to possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills along with cleaning skills.

If you are planning to apply for a public area attendant position, make sure to add a cover letter to your resume. This will give you a chance to convince the employer that you have the potential they are seeking in the ideal candidate.

Here is a Public Area Attendant cover letter sample for further guidance in this regard.

Sample Cover Letter for Public Area Attendant Position

Clark Davison
47 Ivy Lane
San Diego, CA
(000) 965-5214
Clark. davison @ email com

August 7, 2023

Kevin Anderson
Hiring Manager
Swan Suites and Hotels
540 South East Avenue
San Diego, CA

Dear Mr. Anderson:

This letter is a strong expression of interest in the Public Area Attendant position at Swan Suites and Hotels.

As a public area attendant, I worked with the Evelyn group of hotels for 3+ years and delivered excellent services that brought customer satisfaction level to 99% soon after my joining. I want to yield similar results for the Swan hotels and suites.

Some of my core competencies include:

  • Scrubbing and cleaning
  • Dusting and polishing
  • Special request handling
  • Attention to detail
  • Maintenance of cleaning equipment
  • Inventory keeping for cleaning supplies

In addition to the above-highlighted competencies I am a strong team player with exceptional communication skills; a trait that has always come in handy for me in this role over the years.

Considering the striking similarity between your job description and my qualifications, I would like to schedule a meeting with you at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to call me at (000) 965-5214.

Thank you for your time. My resume is attached for your consideration.

Clark Davison

How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Public Area Attendant Position?

Here are some useful tips that will guide you in writing an excellent cover letter for a public area attendant position.

  1. Make sure you find out the name of the specific person who has the power to hire you and address the letter to them specifically.
  2. Make the purpose of your letter very clear. The first couple of lines must communicate the exact position you are seeking.
  3. Use the cover letter to portray your uniqueness and suitability for the role instead of repeating your resume.
  4. Express some knowledge about the employer so they know how serious you are about the position and how much research you have already done about the firm.
  5. Do not undermine the importance of visual appeal. Your letter must be formatted nicely and consistently so the employer is tempted to give it a full read.

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