So you need to write an entry level cover letter for barista position to accompany your resume and are worried because you have no experience to mention in the letter?

Well, your worries come to an end here!

We offer some useful tips on how to focus on your barista cover letter onto your job relevant skills and potential to make up for the lack of experience.

A position of Barista is a very attractive for beginners as well experienced professionals. Like a bartender, a barista is responsible for serving coffee/tea and only coffee relevant beverages. In addition to a customer focused orientation and familiarity with various coffee brewing techniques and machines, one requires a genuine love for coffee and great ability to follow coffee brewing instructions to succeed as a barista.

Following is a barista cover letter sample for a candidate having no experience in the field. This example is suitable for entry level students and career changers as well.


Barista Cover Letter No Experience


Samantha Marshall

992 Gulliver’s Ave | SoHo, NY 89332 | (004) 222-4444 | samantha @ email . com

May 8, 2015

Mr. Sheldon Clark
HR Manager
Dean & DeLuca
890 Yorker’s Lane
SoHo, NY 89332


Dear Mr. Clark:

Your job posting regarding a Barista on caught my eye because my love for coffee and hospitality background matches your requirements exactly. I believe coffee making is an art and creation of a perfect cup of coffee never happens by chance.

In capacity of a barista, I offer Dean & DeLuca the following core competencies:

● Exceptional expertise in latte art
● Remarkable ability to follow recipes
● In-depth knowledge regarding various varieties of coffee beans
● Skilled in different unique coffee brewing methods including hand brewing

My obsession with coffee making and tasting has led me thus far to experiment with various types of coffee beans, brewed using different techniques. I am ready to bring my superb coffee making skills, customer services orientation, and recipe replication expertise  in the role of barista to Dean & DeLuca.

As you are seeking an exceptionally talented and energetic barista, who is skilled in Latte art and in possession of genuine passion for coffee making, I am your candidate. Please call me today at (004) 333-5666 to set up a meeting.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Samantha Marshall

Samantha Marshall

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