Warehouse Worker Duties and Responsibilities

May 21, 2019

Position Overview

The uniformity that you see in a retail establishment as a customer is due to the warehouse workers who work behind the scenes to ensure that everything at the front end works flawlessly.

Warehouse workers ensure that the flow of products is consistent and the service is faultless by ensuring that products reach the front end in a time efficient fashion.


In busy retail environments, product shelves can quickly become empty.

It is the job of a warehouse worker to make sure that this never happens.

While they do not work at the front end, they make sure that enough items are shipped to the retail store to keep the demand in check.

So what do warehouse workers do?


Picking, packing, and shipping merchandise are three main jobs of a warehouse worker.

They are required to handle a variety of tools and equipment to perform his duty – in many instances; warehouse workers are required to hold a forklift driving license.

Technically, warehouse workers perform duties that are targeted at making sure that goods reach where they are supposed to go.

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Sample Job Description for Warehouse Worker Resume

• Take product orders and verify if items are available in stock

• Pull orders from storage areas and compare them with order forms

• Check products to ensure working order and quantity

• Choose appropriate packing materials and containers and pack products in accordance with product safety protocols

• Make sure that each container is sealed using glue or nails and are labeled with proper information

• Load containers onto forklifts and drive them to the delivery pallet

• Assist in unloading containers from the forklifts and loading them on delivery trucks or vans

• Drive the delivery van to retail outlets or accompany truck driver to the destination

• Receive product deliveries from manufacturing units and ensure that they are properly stored

• Arrange items in an organized manner to avoid damage or premature wear and tear

• Create delivery and shipment reports and ensure that all information is keyed into the company database

• Ensure cleanliness and maintenance of equipment and tools used in the delivery or loading processes

• Make sure that the warehouse is clean at all times

• Maintain both shipping and receiving logs

• Move raw materials to the production areas and finished products to the storage areas

• Optimize space by ensuring that everything is in its place

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