Client association is one of those positions that require constant communication. Your cover letter for client associate must reflect a clear communication style along with executive interactive skills. To create a lasting impression, focus on your opening and ending paragraphs. Think of creative ideas to incorporate in your client associate cover letter.

Formatting the main body of the letter using a few bullets, a table or some headings is highly advisable since such patterns are more popular these days and tend to save a lot of time on the recruiter’s behalf. Following is a client associate cover letter sample developed on the above mentioned guidelines for your view.


Client Associate Cover Letter Sample


Henry Klein

87 Ferrite Square, Springfield, IL 75443
(004) 333-6666 | henry . klein @ email . com

August 23, 2016

Ms. Hannah Beckett
Safeway Medical center
756 Torrent Lane
Spring Field, IL 75443


Dear Ms. Beckett:

I am applying for the Client Associate position with great confidence and fervor, since my 6+ years of experience in the field seems to be a perfect match.

My Expertise include:

❖ Track record of high quality customer services delivery via effective and constant communication with clients

❖ 4+ years of hands on experience in serving as liaison among clients and their respective consultants effectively

❖ Demonstrated ability to maintain account files fully updated for the review of financial advisors as and when needed

❖ Proficient in using computers including MS word, excel, power point, Internet and email

If you are seeking a client associate who is well equipped with all the skills you have demanded for the position and is committed to the highest standards of performance quality, then call me at (003) 444-6666 to set up an interview. I enthusiastically look forward to meeting with you in order to discuss my worth considering suggestions for enhancing the way client association set up works and turning all interactions in favor of the company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Henry Klein

Resume Enclosed