Warehouse Sorter Job Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: June 20, 2016

Warehouses are places of great mayhem and confusion if appropriate personnel are not hired to handle each stage of the work that goes on at the premises. Warehouse sorters are usually hired at tier one to ensure that the physical part of warehouse management is looked after properly. Warehouse sorters are entrusted with handling duties such as lifting, moving and packing items to ensure that they are made ready for delivery.

The position of a warehouse sorter is that of the entry level. Typical requirements to work at this position include a high school diploma or a GED. To be eligible for this position, you have to be physically dexterous as there is a lot of bending, pulling and pushing involved. Additionally, you will have to work on your feet for long hours so you have to have great stamina too.

Only well-organized people and those who know how to handle adverse situations can work effectively as warehouse sorters. This is because many times in a day, they are faced with challenging situations and they need to be able to handle them effectively. For instance, a warehouse sorter may pick up an incorrect item, resulting in lost time. To be able to work effectively, it is imperative to make sure that you have an organized mind and can work efficiently.

Here is a list of job duties that a warehouse sorter needs to perform on a typical work day:

Warehouse Sorter Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Read work orders to determine which item to pick and locate products within the warehouse storage area
• Compare work order information with item and batch numbers and pick the correct item
• Physically move or transport the item to the packing area and ensure that it is damage free
• Report any damages to the supervisor and replace item by performing repacking duties
• Label picked items with correct information such as price, expiry and address according to set instructions and standards
• Ascertain that all picked and labeled items are properly packed in crates or cartons according to set protocols and procedures
• Transport packed items to delivery pallets and assist loaders in loading and stacking them on delivery vehicles in a safe manner
• Receive incoming shipments and compare them to associated document to ensure accuracy of order
• Separate and batch same types of products and arrange to have them taken to designated storage areas
• Ascertain that all stored items are properly and safely stacked and that any near expiry ones are communicated to the supervisor