Warehouse Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 14, 2019

There are a number of positions available in a warehouse setting and the skills needed to perform a job are interrelated to each other.

From a forklift driver to a manager, everyone will need a special and unified set of skills to be able to perform well inside a warehouse.

Here we will discuss the general skills set that is required for people working in a warehouse setting.

While the following list of skills seems more relevant to warehouse workers, attendants, associates, and technicians, but, as a matter of fact, these skills need to be taken into account by all levels of the hierarchy within a warehouse setting.

You can use 4 to 5 from these skills statements for skills or qualifications section of your resume.

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Sample Skills for a Warehouse Resume

• Demonstrated ability to organize merchandise efficiently.

• Thorough understanding of goods retrieval system.

• Good customer orientation with a strong ability to deal effectively with complaints.

• Able to operate a pallet jack and forklift.

• Proven ability to stand and work continually for long hours.

• Physically dexterous to lift and move heavy objects and load/unload delivery trucks.

• Good understanding of blueprints and drawings.

• Strong mathematical skills.

• Adept at handling hazardous material properly.

• Special talent for following warehouse safety precautions and procedures.

• Ability to use pneumatic ladders.

• Well versed in creating logs and maintaining documents.

• Skilled in basic computer operations including warehouse software and MS Word, Excel.

• Eager to perform housekeeping tasks for the work area.

• Track record of maintaining the security of the warehouse.

• Ability to ensure work areas and facilities remain clean and organized.

• Known to maintain good housekeeping standards.

• Proficient in loss prevention and inventory control and compliance procedures.

• Recognized for maintaining regular attendance and punctuality.

• Demonstrated ability to understand and follow instructions.

• Expert in warehouse equipment use such as skate wheel rollers, dock carts, hand-held scanners, chutes, and unloading devices.

Warehouse Soft Skills for Resume

• Communication
• Customer service
• Friendly disposition
• Teamwork
• Physical dexterity
• Complying with the Ethics Policy

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