Warehouse Operator Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 30, 2021

Position Overview

The smoothness of operations within a warehouse is possible only if the warehouse operator handling the logistics is someone who knows his work well.

Warehouse operators are responsible for much more than simply picking and packing orders.

Even though they do share many of the responsibilities of order pullers and packers, they work on a more profound level, where the operational smoothness of a warehouse is of the highest priority.

Position Requirements

Working as a warehouse operator requires you to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

The work associated with this position is hardly easy as there is workplace security compliance to look into, and the need for ensuring quality is foremost. If this is the work that you are interested in, you will need to make sure that you are physically agile and exceptionally well-organized.

Since you will spend most of your day standing, physical stamina is an absolute must. Additionally, you will be required to know the work inside out before you are hired at this position – if you have worked as an order puller or in any other capacity in a warehouse, you will be considered a top-notch candidate for the job.

Some important duties of a warehouse operator are provided in the list below. You may use these phrases to build the experience or accomplishments section of a warehouse operator resume.

Warehouse Operator Job Description for Resume

• Understand work orders and follow them accurately to pull and pack items.

• Locate items in storage areas and ensure that they are safely delivered to the checking dock.

• Check each item to ensure conformance to the original work order and ensure that the quantity of items is correct.

• Assist in determining labeling techniques and ensure appropriate tagging activities.

• Oversee the movement of items within the warehouse to ensure that all procedures and protocols are properly followed.

• Determine the need for logistics and inventory flow improvements and ensure that these are properly and timely implemented.

• Supervise packing, labeling and loading, and unloading of merchandise by ensuring that correct methods are followed.

• Receive shipments and ensure that the correct quantity and type are received.

• Perform cycle count activities and resolve any discrepancies in incoming or outgoing shipments.

• Assist in loading and unloading heavy material on/off delivery vehicles and report any shortages or damages immediately.

• Ensure that appropriate stock rotation activities are performed in a timely manner.

• Assist in moving items from production areas to warehouse storage areas in an efficient manner.

• Create and maintain invoices/receipts and reports for all incoming and outgoing shipments.