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Switchboard Operator Job Description and Duties for Resume

Switchboard Operator Job Description The work of a switchboard operator is an important one and consists mainly of operating communication systems such as telephone exchange, intercom, or public address systems. He or she makes calls for different people, receives calls and reroutes them to the right people, greets callers, and gives out information about the… Read More »

Embroidery Machine Operator Job Description for Resume

Position Overview An embroidery machine operator is responsible to ensure that industrial-sized machines are properly set up, calibrated, and run to fulfill work orders. They perform a variety of duties to ensure that the end product is of high quality, and meets the standards that are set for it. Working as an embroidery machine operator… Read More »

Warehouse Operator Job Description for Resume

Position Overview The smoothness of operations within a warehouse is possible only if the warehouse operator handling the logistics is someone who knows his work well. Warehouse operators are responsible for much more than simply picking and packing orders. Even though they do share many of the responsibilities of order pullers and packers, they work… Read More »

Hospital Switchboard Operator Duties and Responsibilities

Hospital Switchboard Operator Job Description Hospital switchboard operators are wholly responsible for all the communication that goes on in a hospital. Hence, these people probably have the most important job within a medical facility. When you enter a hospital, you will either be greeted by a front desk operator or a hospital switchboard operator, depending… Read More »

Telephone Operator Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Working under the broader category of first-tier services, telephone operators maintain telephonic contact with callers to provide them with information that they are looking for. They operate telephone exchanges to take, make and transfer calls to specific departments and individuals. Also, they operate intercoms, two-way radios, and public address systems to perform the… Read More »

Electric Pallet Jack Operator Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

General Overview Electric pallet jack operators work in warehouse environments where their prime duty is to operate pallet jacks to move items from one place to another. In most warehouses, they also double as order pickers, and a majority of their time is spent looking for orders in storage areas. Their work does not end… Read More »

Job Description for Terminal Operator Resume

Terminal operators are responsible for overseeing product transfer operations within their designated terminals. Their work is to supervise activities at a terminal (usually where cargo is delivered) and make sure that all practices are carried out within the company’s protocol. A primary responsibility of a terminal operator is to make sure that terminals are in… Read More »