Operations Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on December 14, 2015

Position Overview

Operations coordinator are very important people where businesses are concerned. They are responsible for the overall smoothness and flow of operations of an office without which an office cannot run properly. They usually report to the executive director and may be provided direction and oversight by other managers in an organization.

Basically, it is the job of an operations coordinator to put people and resources together to ensure appropriate delivery of goods and services. Working at this position will require you to blend your skills in human resources and administration, as these two are the key elements of an operations coordinators work. It is important for operations coordinators to be jacks of all trades as they have to work across multiple channels at the same time.


People aspiring to work as operations coordinators must make sure that they possess the necessary qualifications for the job. While a high school diploma or equivalent may be sufficient as far as formal education goes, one cannot work as an operations coordinator if one does not possess good time management and organization skills. Working at this position will also require you to be an active listener so that you can take and follow instructions properly.

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Operations Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

• Coordinate the activities of staff members by effectively and efficiently handling scheduling and work assignment duties
• Supervise daily operations of all departments including order generation, help desk functions, mail pickup and delivery and shipping and receiving
• Act as a liaison between customers and company personnel in a bid to provide personalized services
• Coordinate the intricate logistical details of projects to ensure on-time project delivery
• Ascertain that all staff members are working in compliance to the company’s procedures and protocols
• Identify problems in operations processes and ensure that they are resolved in a time-efficient manner
• Maintain accurate operations materials and documents for reference purposes
• Monitor and assess daily financial operations and performance management processes
• Provide recommendations for disciplinary actions including reprimanding, suspension and termination
• Coordinate activities with procurement managers to ensure delivery of supplies and equipment in a time efficient manner
• Oversee inventory of supplies and equipment and make sure that any low stock levels are immediately communicated to procurement managers
• Coordinate project launches, meetings and seminars by ensuring that all logistics are managed properly
• Compile and analyze company data such as sales figures and financials and create reports for management’s review
• Assist with budget planning activities and ensure that any needed modifications are appropriately incorporated