Thank You Letter/Email after Waitress Interview

Updated on: May 19, 2019

Thank you letters can greatly improve your chances of employment as a waitress.

These letters or emails are not just a polite thing to do but also serve as a reminder of you as a good candidate to a prospective employer.


If you want to remind a prospective employer of the impression you made at the interview, doing so through a thank you letter can be a golden chance to win a position.

Tip: Enclose/attach your resume with your thank you letter/email after waitress interview.



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Thank You Letter after Waitress Interview


4 Atlas Avenue
Forest Grove, OR 62744

May 19, 2019

Mr. Paul Walker
Manager Human Resources
The Fish Point
123 Gateway Road
Forest Grove, OR 72211


Dear Mr. Walker:

I would like to thank you for taking out time from a busy schedule to interview me for the position of a waitress at The Fish Point. Speaking with you personally has provided me with great insight into the restaurant’s business and customer service policies which I believe will assist me in providing exemplary service to your patrons.

As we discussed in the interview, I have held two positions as a waitress in the last seven years – in both casual and fine dining. This diverse background has made it possible for me to adjust to any type of food service environment and give customers the best of hospitality service. As a connoisseur of food, I can also perform some cooking duties – customers at my previous place of employment often asked for the Marta Special as they had coined the Beef Stroganoff that I cooked in the absence of the head chef.

Working as a waitress for this long time enabled me comprehending the fact that customer service protocols are often neglected in food service establishments, but I take special measures to ensure recurring business and customer loyalty, not only through my work but through my positive attitude as well. Fully knowing the fact that a restaurant’s prime asset is its customers, I take special pains to ensure satisfaction so that customers are converted into patrons.

I am very excited at the prospect of working with you, especially after the interview. I anticipate that my second interview will be just as insightful as the first one.

Thank you once again for your time. I look forward to being part of The Fish Point very soon.



Marta Hoffman

Marta Hoffman

Enc. Resume

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