Have you decided to resign from the current school district you are working for? Well, it’s time to write a professional resignation letter. The process might be emotionally upsetting due to the natural affiliation with students, however, resigning formally is very important and it ensures a smooth transition from one position to another. Resignation letter writing is perhaps more crucial than a job cover letter writing since the terms on which you leave one district will pretty much affect your future position.

When writing a resignation letter, professionalism is the key; even if you feel bitter due to some reason, stick to courtesy and etiquette, leave on good terms.

How to write?

A resignation letter must necessarily mention your last working date and it must also communicate that you value whatever you learnt and gained during your tenure. You may or may not include the reason of leaving the job, though it is quite common, yet not a compulsory element of any resignation. As part of courtesy protocol, you might want to mention that you will stick around to train your replacement to ensure a smooth transition.


Teacher Resignation Letter from a School District


March 4th, 2014

Ms. Lenny James
ABC School, District 93
677 Literacy Block
Chicago, IL 43221


Dear Ms. James:

I am writing this letter to inform you regarding my decision to resign from my current position as a Teacher from ABC School, District 93. My resignation will be effective from the 21st March, 2014. Although I have had a pleasurable experience at ABC School and learned a lot with from seniors, co-workers and students, but some family obligations require me to relocate immediately.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your mentoring as well as exceptional team work spirit demonstrated by my colleagues. The school’s administration has been very supportive and easy to work with. All these elements enabled me to develop a highly positive attitude towards work.

During the next two weeks, I intend to complete the planned lessons and plan to submit all student portfolios done and complete. I will do whatever I can to facilitate the transition and train my replacement. I wish the entire team a successful future.

Thank you.



Hannah Beck
9227 Jinx Horizon
Chicago, IL 43221
(004) 444-8888