Recommendation Letter for Waitress


A recommendation or reference letter for waitress position is often required by the prospective employers when someone is applying for a new job.

When writing such type of letter, include the key qualities, and the primary tasks performed by the waitress at your organization.

The recommendation letter must be printed on your company’s letterhead.

Refer to the sample below to get ideas how to write an effective reference letter.



Waitress Recommendation Letter Sample



March 13, 2018



I strongly recommend Sara Chris for employment as a part of your waitressing team. Sara joined our team in 2015 and worked for us for more than two years. She has shown to be an outstanding worker at Lee’s Thai Restaurant, and I am pleased to hear that she got a new job near her home.

Sara was a fabulous addition to our dining team from her first day of employment. During her service as a waitress at our restaurant, she distinguished herself as a fast learner, capable worker, and a bright young woman. She is always punctual and frequently volunteered to take the shifts of her colleagues when requirement arose.

Sara possesses a pleasant and good-tempered personality and able to keep herself calm during busy hours and hectic situations. On one occasion, on a particularly busy night when two other servers were absent, I remember she served a dozen tables without delay while keeping every customer happy. She made it all look easy!

Once again, I recommend Sara for the position of a waitress at your restaurant. I am sure that she will be an excellent addition to your staff. In case of any query regarding her abilities, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the numbers given below.


Best regards,


John Smith
Restaurant Manager
Lee’s Thai Restaurant
111 4th Street
Houston, TX 36555
(999) 999-9914

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