Affiliate Manager Job Description and Duties

Updated on: February 1, 2021
Affiliate Manager Job Description

Working with online resources has become a way of life now owing to the fantastic avenues that the Internet provides. There is so much that you can do online especially if you are interested in selling a product or a service.

The position of an affiliate manager has many sales tasks associated with it.

Typically, affiliate managers look for websites and email marketing firms that are willing to feature their company’s product in the market for a small fee.

Since they work primarily with online resources, affiliate managers confer with companies and set a mutually acceptable cost per sale through which both companies can benefit.

Traditional sales practices are taken much into account when an affiliate manager performs his duties. That is one of the prime reasons that employers prefer to hire people who possess strong marketing or sales background.

The focus of each affiliate manager is customer retention which is why they create many new campaigns so that the content is fresh and appealing.

They attend trade shows associated with the products that they sell and provide customer service support to their affiliates and customers as well.

There is much more that needs to be understood about this position if you are looking into working as an affiliate manager as a career. The following list of duties may make things somewhat more comfortable for you:

Affiliate Manager Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Reach out to new and existing customers by expanding reach across the web.

• Assist in growing existing online affiliate programs for maximum customer exposure.

• Identify and recruit new affiliate market partnerships.

• Create and implement marketing strategies aimed at gaining a response from potential affiliates.

• Handle day-to-day communication with members and provide appropriate customer support.

• Provide incentives to top-performing affiliates to assist them in maximizing their efforts.

• Analyze affiliate performance and handle any imminent disputes.

• Handle deal negotiations and reporting activities with affiliate partners.

• Review new partnership offers and provide appropriate feedback.

• Create and maintain liaison with operations, accounting, and sales to ensure that affiliates’ needs are efficiently managed.

• Handle ongoing development and deployment of fresh marketing materials.

• Create proposals and presentations to engender new business development.

• Ensure that affiliate activity is monitored and performance is analyzed correctly.

• Develop and distribute marketing tools with a focus on efficacy.

• Conduct seminars and workshops on affiliate programs and core products.

• Devise and implement an initiative that will engender an increase returns on investments.

• Ensure that continuous communication takes place with affiliate partners on an everyday basis.

• Handle budget submissions and annual marketing and sales programs.