Cover letters are amazing tools, especially if your goal is to tell a hiring manager that you have a certain set of skills that will be useful to him. Even if you are applying for a first job as veterinarian, how you word your cover letter will make a great difference in getting your point across. Your lack of experience is not reflective of your inability to do something. It just means that you haven’t had a chance to prove yourself and when you do get one, you will be a force to reckon with!

The only tip that you will ever need to write your first cover letter for veterinarian resume effectively is to pay close attention to what the employer is looking for. Once you know what part of a hiring manager’s requirements you have to satisfy, you have pretty much great ground to work with. Writing your cover letter according to what the employer is looking for is step one towards success.


Veterinarian Cover Letter Sample (No Experience)


April 25, 2017

Mr. Simon Lord
Human Resource Manager
Cloverdale Pet Care
2311 Road 76
Colverdale, OH 99874


Dear Mr. Lord:

Having recently acquired a DVM (doctorate in veterinary medicine) degree from UC Davis, I would now like to apply my skills and abilities in the role of a veterinarian at Cloverdale Pet Care. With exceptional knowhow of diagnosing, preventing and treating a wide variety of animal illnesses and diseases, I am sure that your facility will benefit much from my exceptional insight into this work.

During a 3 month internship at The Pet Guild last winter, I was provided with a lot of exposure to examining animals to detect and determine nature of diseases and injuries, treating sick or injured animals by prescribing medicines and suggesting procedures, and collecting body tissues and fluids for examination and analysis purposes. Since the facility where I was interning was a self-sufficient veterinary hospital, I was also provided with extensive training in operating diagnostic equipment such as radiographs and ultrasound machines.

With my ability to provide care to a wide range of animals, including particular species such as exotic birds, I am sure that I will be an immediate contributory factor to Cloverdale Pet Care. In anticipation of providing you with a wider view of my abilities, I would like to meet with you in person.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.




Dana Gil

(000) 541-4754