Associate Veterinarian Cover Letter Sample

Updated on April 27, 2017

If your aim is to reach out to a prospective employer through your cover letter, let us tell you that there really is no better way to communicate with a hiring manager than the cover letter. Your choice of communication is apt. But using it aptly is important too, otherwise you will not have much success. Cover letters are hardly simple documents – in the past few years, the cover letter has become a potent means of communication that can do wonders for you where obtaining a job is concerned.

The trick to writing a good cover letter is to make sure that it touches the hiring manager on every level. Convincing him or her that you are the one and only choice to hire is challenging – but not impossible. Your play of words and phrases, and the way in which you present your statements matters tremendously. To see how your words and statements can make a difference, have a look at the following cover letter sample:


Associate Veterinarian Cover Letter Sample


April 27, 2017

Mr. Patrick Swell
Human Resource Manager
Vital Pet Clinic
6 Pleasant Street Ext
Loudon, NH 62213


Dear Mr. Swell:

Providing medical care to animals is not just my profession – it is a passion that I have long harbored, and I take it quite seriously. With over 4 years of experience of working as an associate vet at Pets and Vets, I have all the exposure, skills and experience that one needs in order to provide care to animals.

Practicing ethical veterinary medicine, according to all applicable laws and codes is my niche. Owing to my ability to use evidence-based medicine, education and experience in providing the highest quality preventative care, diagnosis and treatment services for every pet that comes to the clinic, I am positive that I will be an asset to Vital Pet Clinic in more ways than one.

In addition to my experience and skills as an associate vet, I have great exposure to performing all common surgeries and using standard medical instruments and equipment, aiming to assist the veterinarian in carrying out his or her work in a more effectual manner. Maintaining relevant and comprehensive medical records with the support of practice system is also an area that I am well-versed in.

Once hired, I am positive that I will prove to be a great addition to your facility in many ways. To further elaborate my skills and abilities, I will call you next Tuesday to set up a meeting date and time. In the meantime, you may reach me at (444) 444-4444 if you require additional information.




Clara Stevens

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