Kennel Assistant Resume No Experience

Updated: March 25, 2018

There is no fit for all formula to write a kennel assistant resume when you have no experience in hand. However, you can come as close to perfection as possible, by going through some necessary things.

Your stance about your qualifications must be perfect.

Although at the entry level, you are not equipped to impress the hiring manager with your experience, you can do it through your skills. Qualifications and competencies can make a resume as potent as one in which experience dominates.

Writing a resume for the first time, or when you are changing careers, your focus should be on what you can do rather than what you are unable to do. It is a myth that you cannot write a resume successfully if the experience is not a friend. Focus on any volunteer or summer jobs that you may have held in the same capacity.

Think about what your skills are in those areas. And then begin writing your resume.

Here is an entry level kennel assistant resume sample to help you out with the format:


Kennel Assistant Resume No Experience



Vera Simpsons
364 Jones Road, Watertown, SD 19903
(000) 875-2054
verasimp@email .com


Animal lover, with well-placed knowledge of handling animals, by observing their behavior, and providing them with loving care, to ensure their health and wellbeing, on a consistent basis.

• Proven ability to clean and disinfect animal cages and open areas, by following provided instructions.
• Effectively able to prepare meals for animals, ensuring that appropriate meal plans are followed.
• Deep familiarity with observing animals for signs of discomfort or disease, and informing owners and managers immediately.
• Well-versed in feeding, walking, exercising, and bathing pets, to ensure that they remain clean and disease-free.

Animal Personal Care Behavior Management Sanitization Techniques
Medication Administration Exercise Regimes Disinfection Procedures
Pet Supplies Handling Procedural Assistance Animal Restraining

Watertown High School, Watertown, SD – 2017
High School Diploma
• Stood at the top of the school Dean’s list for three years in a row, owing to exceptional academic excellence.
• Led the school biology club on three tours to natural habitats around the city, as part of their exposure to the wild.


Volunteer | 1/2017 – 5/2017
Watertown Animal Hospital, Watertown, SD
• Familiarized self with assigned animals, by talking to them in a low and reassuring voice, and performing limited physical contact initially.
• Observed animals’ appearance and activity for general physical conditions, and apparent signs of illnesses.
• Restrained animals during medical procedures, such as vaccine administration, and procedures.
• Provided care for pets by feeding, bathing, and grooming them according to provided instructions.
• Assisted with the animal admission and discharge procedure, and provided owners with information on services provided.

Excellent professional references available.