Entry Level Veterinary Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Updated: January 7, 2023

Veterinary Assistants or Veterinary Technicians assist doctors in all aspects of animal care.

In order to apply for this position, you will need to write a cover letter.

In your cover letter as an entry-level vet assistant with no experience in hand, you should focus on the knowledge and skills gained through your education and internships.

The following sample cover letter for Veterinary Assistant Resume is suitable for new graduate entry-level veterinary assistants with no experience in hand.

See the structure and content of this sample in order to get a better idea of how to write your cover letter.

 Sample Cover Letter for Entry Level Veterinary Assistant 

Claire Smith
3698 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 69998
(000) 965-1425

October 27, 2022

Dr. Sara Abraham
DVM, AAA Veterinary Clinic
33 Example Road
Atlantic City, NJ 01211

Dear Dr. Abraham:

As a fresh and energetic Veterinary Assistant with plenty of hands-on skills, I am eager to work for AAA Veterinary Clinic. Through this position, I would be able to utilize my passion for animals and skills in the vet assistance arena.

As you will see in my attached resume, I will be graduating from the University of NJ in December 2023. Currently, I have a major in Veterinary Studies and will be continuing with a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary sciences. I feel confident that the ability to work with animals that I have gained through my related work will allow me to contribute successfully to your bottom line.

I offer extensive knowledge of:

  • Restraining animals
  • Monitoring patients in the clinic and helping them recover from surgical treatment
  • Assisting veterinary doctors with animal or pet exams and surgeries
  • Reforming lab work
  • Administering Medication
  • Cleaning work area
  • Feeding and watering animals
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Educating clients regarding nutrition and care for their pet

Additionally, customer service, communication, and leadership skills developed from my experience working at a variety of veterinary practices will help me succeed in this role.

I deem these are the kinds of skills and abilities you are seeking and would like to meet with you to talk about this further. I will call you next week to see if we can arrange a meeting. If you require to contact me before then, you may reach me at (000) 965-1425.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Claire Smith


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