Associate Veterinarian Resume Sample

Updated April 28, 2017


Your resume is the prime document that you use to apply for associate veterinarian job.

It is essential that you spend a lot of time in creating and proofreading it.

Pay special attention to what each section of your resume says – or must say.

And you should be able to come up with a resume akin to the following sample:



Associate Veterinarian Resume Sample



Wilma Gates

92 Clover Road | Loudon, NH 88001 | (000) 120-2352 | wilmagates @ email . com


Performance Summary
Associate veterinarian with a great love for animals, and 12 years’ vast experience in providing assistance to vets in a clinical settings. Highly skilled in using evidence-based medicine and experience to provide the highest quality of preventative care, diagnosis and treatment for all patient animals. Exceptionally talented in:

• Examining animals to detect and determine health issues, injuries and illnesses
• Devising treatment methods to meet each animal’s specific requirements
• Administering vaccinations and collecting samples for testing for diseases
• Providing immediate treatment and care including diagnosis, prescriptions and advice on looking after pets


• Pet Examination • Vaccinations • Medication Administration
• Owner Education • Samples Collection • Pet Behavior Management
• Laboratory Procedures • Diagnostic Equipment • Anesthesia Administration
• Animal Dentistry • Reports Interpretation • Records Management


Banfield Pet Hospital, Loudon, NH | 2010 – Present
Associate Veterinarian
• Receive pets as their owners bring them to the facility and inquire into their purpose of visiting
• Listen intently to what pet owners have to say about conditions or injuries that their pert have gone through and make correlating notes
• Engage pets into activities to break the ice with them, aiming to acquire their trust
• Examine pets to determine their conditions and ask pertinent questions from their owners
• Assist the vet by providing him or her with preliminary information about pets’ conditions
• Chart out a plan to meet each animal’s specific requirements in terms of treatment and health assurance
• Provide assistance in performing examinations, procedures and surgeries by helping with setups
• Ascertain that all equipment and tools such as radiographs are properly operated and maintained

Selected Achievements
• Diagnosed a dog with an aggressive form of an autoimmune disease, after 5 vets were let stumped about his symptoms
• Introduced a dental x-ray procedure that could be performed without antagonizing the animal

Gradient Pets’ Clinic, Loudon, NH| 2/2009 – 5/2010
Veterinarian Assistant
• Assisted in examining animals by calming them down during examinations
• Created and maintained records of animal patients in the facility’s database
• Provided assistance to pet owners in filling out registration and admission forms
• Ascertained that pet owners were made aware of the right pet food and feeding timings according to the breeds of their pets
• Cleaned and maintained examination rooms, procedural tools, and equipment

Selected Achievements
• Implemented a series of pet behavior management activities, resulting in high interest from pet owners.
• Led an emergency surgery procedure, saving a cat’s life who had been victim of a hit and run.

Loudon Veterinary Hospital, Loudon, NH | 2002
Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine