Resume writing is a tricky task and it is difficult to come up with an ideal resume than a faulty one.

Most of times, a candidate is actually ideal for an available position – but, due to some small mistakes, his/her resume is thrown to the trash bin.

In order to create a perfect resume, it is advisable to know common mistakes people make in resume writing and avoid them!



Top 10 Resume Mistakes

Following are ten most common mistakes candidates make when writing a resume:

1. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
Typos and grammatical mistakes ruin the whole impression! Make sure you avoid this mistake by using word spell check and getting your resume proof read at least twice.

2. Missing Dates
Never miss out the dates in the experience section. Always mention dates and duration of previous work clearly, and explicitly.

3. Inconsistent Layout
Resume with an inconsistent layout is a guaranteed failure. Using different font sizes, styles and bullet styles can ruin an otherwise excellent résumé.

4. Too Much Focus on Job Duties
a. Employers are definitely not looking for your previous job descriptions. It’s a big mistake to enlist just what your duties were at the previous work place. Instead, use the same space to mention what you accomplished and how well you did it.

5. Leaving Off Job Relevant Information
a. It is a common mistake to miss out job specific information the employer is seeking. The resume must be prioritized properly and mention of job relevant qualifications must be foremost.

6. Adding Personal Details
a. Adding details about nationality, marital status, no of children and the like is completely unnecessary and a sure shot waste of precious space on a resume. There is an exception of federal resumes in this case.

7. Attempting to Create an All Purpose Resume
a. All purpose resumes are usually not job specific and tend to fail. These resumes are usually treated as a junk mail and discarded right away. Successful resumes are fluid and tailored as per the job requirements of prospective employer.

8. A Self Centered Objective Statement
Career objectives are becoming extinct in the modern resumes. Mostly, good resumes use a profile summary instead. However, if you are an entry level candidate / career changer and need to write an objective, make sure its employer focused, not self centered. State what you have to offer in the objective and what’s in it for the employer.

9. Using a Non Professional E-Mail Address
Resume is a professional document and mentioning email IDs like ‘babydoll111’ or ‘tigerboy68’ must be strictly avoided.

10. Writing a Very Long Resume
Recruiters are not interested in long portfolios, resumes longer than single page are real waste of time and paper.

The crux of common resume mistakes is simply an unfocused resume. An unfocused and non job targeted resume is perceived as the reflection of an non-professional and confused candidate.