How to Write an Award-Winning Resume? 🥇

Updated on: February 6, 2021

If you want to write an award-winning resume, it should be very catchy and exceptional. On the other hand, if your resume is not impressive, it will not engage the employer enough to read it till the end!

The best way to get the employer’s attention is to make your resume about the employing firm instead of yourself. Do not highlight all your skills, rather go for only those skills that are relevant to the target job and make sure that the employer can see that relationship at a glance.

How to Make an Award-Winning Resume?

To write an award-winning resume, you need to select the right format and focus on every component and section of your resume – as a resume has many parts and each component needs to be written smartly to come up with an exceptional resume.

Select an appropriate Format

There are many famous formats for resumes. The best format for the resume of an experienced person is hybrid, one that begins with accomplishments and then focuses on experience and areas of expertise.

If you have ample experience in your field, then it is best to start with highlights of achievements or a profile summary. In case you are not very experienced, then you may choose a functional format.

Begin with an impressive objective statement, focus on your skills and education, and make the most of whatever internship experience you have had so far.

Objective Statement

Award-winning objective statements are brief and employer-focused. Do not waste this space in stating why you are seeking a specific job, just mention the name of the position you are interested in and the company at which you are seeking that position.

The second line of the two-liner objective should deal with ‘what’s in it for the employer’. Concisely suggest how you intend to utilize your core competencies in favor of the hiring firm.

The Art of Writing Your Work Experience and Accomplishments

It is common practice to enlist your responsibilities at the current or previous jobs you have held. What you need to do to make this section exclusive is to mention your responsibilities as if they were accomplishments.

Turning duties into accomplishments is an art. Take any one responsibility you perform that you have been good at. Now try to transform it into achievement by using a sign such as % or $ and digits where ever possible.

For example, if you are a computer assistant and you introduced new software at the office which was part of your job, you may write it like this:

Reduced manual data entry effort by 20% by introducing user-friendly software that enabled the employees to access their records and keep it updated.

Key Strengths

Some job-relevant key terms must be used in this section to create a better impression.

Education and Certifications

Write only the highest degree information and related certifications. You may need previous degrees if they relate to the job description.

You may search our website to find an award-winning resume example of your profession.