10 Unique Resume Writing Ideas to Get Good Response

Updated on: October 19, 2020

As a cut-throat competition prevails all through the world where good jobs are concerned, therefore, it needs something extra to get noticed. This is especially true where resume writing is concerned.

Employers receive hundreds of resumes for one job application and for the most part, they all look the same. So what can you do with a resume apart from black ink on white paper?

Here are some excellent ideas to make a unique resume.

10 Unique Resume Writing Ideas

  1. Make short, attractive, and targeted phrases
  2. Keep away from making paragraphs except for professional summary
  3. Use short bullet statements rather than long sentences
  4. Use simple words more willingly than difficult words that say a similar thing
  5. Make use of measurable quantities, amounts, money values to augment the impact of your achievements
  6. Put the most influential statements of your skills, experience, and qualifications at the top of the relevant section
  7. Avoid the use of “I”
  8. Do not include a picture, extracurricular activities, vocational, or social interests unless they are required by the employer or related to your qualifications
  9. Do not use the current employer’s postal address or your company-specific official email address
  10. Stay away from personal evaluations
Additional Unique Resume Writing Ideas

It is not necessary that you send in conventional-looking resumes for every job. Of course, if you are applying for a creative position, it only makes sense that your resume is creative too.

People do a lot of creative things to their resumes. Can you believe that there are 3D resumes that you can use for your job application? Let us see what else there is; you can use a resume that looks like a film reel, flyer, board game, photo booth, collage, and even prints resume on your t-shirts!

Some people even go to the length of having their resumes printed on cloth. Others will use a comic strip as a background. The buck does not stop here though. You have a choice between a passport resume, a stacked graphic resume, a newspaper lookalike resume, a booklet resume, a life chart resume, and even a resume printed on a compact disc! The list is endless!

While the above resume ideas are good for working in the arts and media sections, they may not work very well in the corporate sector. The reason is simple; employers in the corporate world need just information without the clamor of uniqueness.

They need to know what a person can do in terms of office administration; human resources, teaching, or any other such field, and a stylish resume will just not do here. However, if you do not plan to work in the corporate sector, take that t-shirt out and run to a printer!