Top 12 Resume Writing Trends for 2023

Updated on: January 4, 2023

Every trend in the world changes with the passage of time. Resume writing trends too!

With the significant growth in demand for precise talent and experience, employers now look for people who can genuinely make a difference.

In 2023, employers expect job seekers to make their resumes using a simple format in a logical and easy-to-read manner.

Using predefined resume templates may be an easy way of writing your resume, but they seldom impress employers nowadays.

As a matter of fact, resumes will need to be stronger than ever if you want to win more interviews in 2023.

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Based on a detailed analysis of changing trends in resumes and employers’ preferences, we have created some resume trends that can be helpful for candidates applying for a job in 2023.

1. Make Your Resume Visually Appealing

Similar to any other document, visual appeal plays a crucial role in attracting employers.

Color may not be the essence of a resume, but the layout is.

It is vital to use the proper font (Arial, Comic Sans MS, or Verdana), and adequate spacing between sections and sides.

2. Keep Your Resume Short, Relevant and To-The-Point

Long resumes with irrelevant information are always less interesting. For this reason, it is imperative for you to make sure that your resume is to the point.

Remember that your resume should be relevant to the job description provided by the employer. If you put dull and non-relevant information, hiring managers will take less interest in your resume.

This means that if you have had experience in a different field, do not mention it in your resume.

You can save the employer’s time by keeping your resume short and to the point and using short yet meaningful bullet statements.

3. Use Simple Words and Keywords

Resumes are all about words and keywords. Simple words and relevant keywords will convey your enthusiasm in the best possible way.

Also, action verbs such as managed, volunteered, resolved, and influenced will go a long way in making your resume a good read.

4. Show Your Personality and Emotional Intelligence

Show the hiring manager that you are emotionally intelligent, and possess a strong personality which will be a great benefit to the company.

5. Choose a Plain Resume Format

The resume format must be friendly, and easy to navigate.

Generic, pre-built resume patterns, formats, and adaptable templates were the documents of the past.

For this reason, sell your candidacy by showing your uniqueness using a plain resume format.

6. Emphasize Your Achievements

Mention your accomplishments and achievements. Think about any results you attained in a similar role previously and write them in a separate section in your resume.

Add numbers and figures to attract hiring managers such as: “Increased sales by $40000 in 2021 by cold calling and upselling.”

7. Make ATS Friendly Resume

ATS or computer scanning software is not new, but it is very important to follow.

In order to make sure that your resume reaches a human after the automated tracking systems have approved it, you have to ensure that it includes keywords and phrases that are given in the job advertisement.

Select keywords from the advertisement and add them to the skills, core competencies, or areas of expertise section.

8. Start With the Objective or Summary

An objective or summary statement is a vital part of a resume in 2023. That is because employers do not want to see resumes that begin abruptly and without any direction.

You should start your resume with an objective statement if you have less or no experience in hand, or if the employer specifically demanded it.

If you have more than five years of experience in hand, you should include a professional profile or summary containing a snapshot of your experience, expertise, and achievements.

9. Avoid Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes

While grammatical and spelling errors were never encouraged previously, they are even more important to look out for now.

Hiring managers are usually less interested in a resume that has grammatical mistakes.

10. Make it Targeted

The most important resume trend is to target not only the position but also the audience.

It means that the resume which you once considered perfect is not nearly as accurate as you thought if you haven’t targeted it, especially to the person reading it.

Research both the position and the company before you create your resume.

11. Leave White Space

Hiring managers may have been kind enough to look at your resume, which was full of information making it messy. The lack of white space in a resume is considered a mistake.

If a hiring manager sees that a resume is difficult to navigate because of the lack of white space, they will most probably trash it.

12. Add a LinkedIn Link

Your resume should include your LinkedIn profile. This will make your job application more approachable and conversational.

Final Thought

In order to get more interviews and job offers in the year 2023, you have to put a little more effort into writing and customizing your resume.

It is crucial to remain knowledgeable about the current resume writing trends because the job market is becoming more and more competitive after the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you have already built your resume, it is highly advisable to update it.

In case you have not created a resume yet, then your first resume must be written very smartly by keeping these 10 resume writing trends in mind.

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