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Top 10 Jobs for Single Moms

Being a single mom is difficult as it is. Having to work while you have a child that you need to take care of is quite a burden. The good news is that there are work options out there meant specifically for single moms. While there is no evidence to say that single moms cannot… Read More »

Top 10 Jobs for Retirees

Retirement does not mean that it is the end of the world. Like they say – age is but a number. You do not have to let your age decide if you are fit to work or not. But since many people do retire at the age of 60 (sometimes even earlier), because companies deem… Read More »

10 Most Demanded Jobs in 2022

Post COVID-19 era, the year 2022 promises much in terms of increased jobs – but not across all industries. While some industries are thriving, others may be shrinking. Healthcare, scientific, and technical services are top of the list as far as jobs are concerned. Information technology follows closely,  and manufacturing and retail come after that.… Read More »

Top 10 Highest Paid IT Jobs for 2022

In the previous two decades, no industry has been flourished as much as the information technology industry. Since technology is the most pervasive force in our society, it is no wonder that it has thrived as much as it has. There is so much that information technology encompasses; many new titles have opened up recently… Read More »

10 Best Work From Home Jobs for 2022

Technology has not only brought us convenience in terms of gadgets, but it also provided us with an excellent opportunity to work from home. Things have changed drastically in the last few years; distances, household demands, COVID-19, and the ever-changing nature of jobs have made it difficult for many people to hold a traditional position in… Read More »

Top 10 Medical Careers in Demand in the USA

Medical jobs are always in demand in the USA due to the ever-changing nature of diseases, and more and more people are succumbing to them each year. But diseases are not the only reason that the demand for medical personnel has increased manifold during the last decade or so. The mortality rate has increased in… Read More »

Top 10 Salary Negotiation Tips

So you are finally at that stage where you don’t have to worry about resume writing and interviews? Well, do not start celebrating yet!   There is one more consideration that you have to take into account now – the salary. Have you been offered as much as you were looking for? Is the offered… Read More »

Top 10 Cover Letter Writing Tips

Cover letters gained a lot of popularity these days. Even the employers who don’t require it often expect it along with your resume and other job application documents. A cover letter, also known as a letter of introduction, needs to be written very smartly. A good cover letter convinces the employer to have a look… Read More »

10 Common Cover Letter Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Cover letters are a mandatory part of every job application set. A well-written and engaging cover letter is sometimes enough on its own to impress the recruiter and earn an interview. Most candidates write cover letters just as the last minute formality and consequently come up with thoughtless. Similarly, poorly written cover letters automatically finish the… Read More »

10 Common Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Resume writing is a tricky task, and it is difficult to come up with an ideal resume than a faulty one. Most of the time, a candidate is ideal for an available position – but, due to some small mistakes, their resume is discarded by the employers. To create a perfect resume, it is advisable to… Read More »