Cover letters are mandatory to accompany every resume. A well-written and engaging cover letter is sometimes enough on its own to impress the recruiter and earn an interview. Most candidates write cover letters just as a last minute formality and consequently come up with thoughtless. Similarly, a poorly written cover letters automatically finish the job opportunity for the applicant.

Therefore, it is important to analyze common mistakes and avoid the same when writing a cover letter.

This article discusses 10 cover letter mistakes that come with a heavy price. Look out for these carefully to grab the attention of employer and land successfully into the job market!


Top 10 Cover Letter Mistakes

Following are ten most common cover letter mistakes usually candidates make along with a brief discussion on how to avoid each one of them:

1. Unimpressive start: Letter with a non-engaging, unimpressive start is doomed to death after a few- seconds glance! The starting must not be boring, make it unique and employer specific. Mention 2-3 of your key attributes related to job.

2. Re-phrasing the resume: A cover letter must not just mention your skills and qualifications because your resume is already doing that. The cover letter is rather a personalized expression of your strengths in a descriptive form. In fact, a cover letter focuses on future i.e. what would you bring to the prospective company.

3. Being under confident about your potential: Sounding under confident about your potential, expertise and skills is a big mistake. Whenever potential is being mentioned, take a stable, outgoing tone to reflect confidence.

4. Typos and grammatical errors: A cover letter with typos and misspelled words indicate lack of concentration and carelessness, two qualities which no employer wants in a potential candidate. In addition, sentence structure, grammatical and punctuation errors damage the influence of your resume.

5. Ignoring qualifications: One of the biggest errors is lack of relevance. It is very important to relate your skills and expertise to the employer’s requirements; otherwise the letter will not appeal the employer.

6. Failure to support your competency claims with a success story: A cover letter full of claims regarding certain skills is worthless until these claims are supported with at least one instance of worth mentioning accomplishment.

7. Unnecessary details: The employers only remain engaged as long as the covering letter is job relevant. Do not include any details the employer doesn’t need to know in order to determine your candidacy. This mistake can be fatal.

8. Making salary demands: The biggest disaster in cover letter is to write and talk about salary. A cover letter is definitely not the right platform to discuss your salary expectations. Remember, it is just a way to catch the attention of employer.

9. Forgetting to include contact details: Even if your resume is attached, it is a big mistake to miss out your contact information in the cover letter. Your contact numbers and email address should be mentioned in the header or in the last paragraph of letter.

10. Non-persuasive ending: Abrupt, non persuasive endings are another big mistake. The ending paragraph is a great opportunity to show enthusiasm and suggest an interview call, make use of it smartly!