Apology Letter to Boss for Mistake

Updated on: July 23, 2019

Some mistakes are unavoidable and unfortunately, they can have an adverse effect on our reputation at work.

However, making mistakes is something that we all do and if the cliché “to err is human” is something to go by, we may be at odds with our bosses every now and then.


But to make sure that our jobs are not at risk, we should apologize to our boss if we have made a mistake.

And what better way to apologize than to write an apology letter to her? Writing a letter is an effective means of communication.

It gives you a good leeway to write your thoughts and provides the recipient with enough room to contemplate that you have made a mistake and can be forgiven – provided that the mistake is not something that has cost your office too much in monetary terms.

It goes without saying that your letter should have an apologetic tone. You need to take responsibility for your actions and you need to make amends for what you did. How you do this depends on what mistake it was that you made.



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The following sample apology letter can make things clearer for you.


Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Mistake


Trisha Hall
Sales Representative
(000) 854-9565

July 23, 2019

Ms. Wendy Watson
Sales Manager


Dear Ms. Watson:

I am extremely regretful for the fiasco that transpired with our regular customer Mr. Nathan Perry yesterday. I realized the mistake in providing him incorrect price information as soon as I uttered the words and should have spoken up at that time.

I understand that the erroneous transaction yesterday means a huge amount of financial loss to Macy’s. At the time that this was happening, I did not completely comprehend the enormity of the situation and I am very sorry about that. I am aware of the fact that Mr. Perry is a regular customer and the company would not like to be at odds with him by informing him that he has purchased an item at a much lower price than it was for in actuality.

In view of this situation, I would like to offer a solution. To minimize loss to the company, I agree to have part of my salary docked each month until a fair amount (or full) has been acquired. In due time, I anticipate that this will be covered and I can be at ease with my conscience again.

Once more, I would like to apologize for making such a huge mistake, despite the hours of training and product knowledge crammed into me over the years. I vow not to let such a situation transpire again.




Trisha Hall
Sales Representative

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