Data Collector Cover Letter Sample

Updated on April 11, 2017

Cover letters make sense to hiring manager only if they well, make sense. A cover letter that is far from the subject is a failed one. Relevance counts for a lot where cover letter writing is concerned. If you are looking for immediate results in the form of interview calls, the highest favor that you can do to yourself is create your cover letter following a lot of thought and precision.

It wasn’t long ago when cover letters that followed standardized patterns were still acceptable. But recently, the standard cover letter is not considered much to write home about. When you are at the wrong side of the employment platform (that is, when you are an applicant), you have much to lose if you do not pay attention to basically everything that you write in a cover letter. A cover letter is for your benefit – use it in a manner that it provides you with everything that you are looking for in terms of highlighting your abilities.

Follow the sample below to craft a great cover letter for data collector resume:


Data Collector Cover Letter Sample


April 11, 2017

Mr. Gabriel Mathews
Human Resource Manager
Lionsgate International
65 Peek Avenue
Columbus, GA 55902


Dear Mr. Mathews:

While looking through the advertisement that you have placed in Employment Herald, to fill the position of a data collector, I could not help but create a match between your requirements and my qualifications. And guess what? The match is as near perfect as it can be! Since you are looking for someone who “has extensive experience in data collection and management, across different platforms”, I am sure you will be interested in what I have to offer.

Handling data collection activities for 3 organizations whose data collection requirements were completely different from each other, has polished my collection skills extensively. My most recent (and current) experience as a data collector is at The Management Company, whose main work is within the same industry as Lionsgate International. Anticipating a role that provides me with an opportunity to contribute to your organization through my excellent ability to research different avenues to acquire data, I would like you to read my resume in detail.

As a qualified data collector, I can contribute to Lionsgate International on different levels, including acquiring required information, ensuring integrity of acquired data, strategizing ways to save information in a confidential manner, and ensure quick retrieval upon request. To further elaborate on my skills in this arena, I would like to meet with you in person.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.




Thomas Hiddleston

(000) 125-7454