IT Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: February 6, 2021

An Information Technology specialist resume is like other resumes in many aspects; however, being a specialist position in the information technology profession, it needs to be decorated with a few technical terms.

Information Technology is a diverse field with many branches. Filling up your resume with too many technical details of expertise is a common mistake.

The secret of building a good IT specialist resume is showcasing only the required skills.

Do not waste space in mentioning your expertise that does not interest the employer. Highlight only what the employer is looking for.

Following is an example of a resume that will guide you on how to write an effective resume for an IT Specialist job.

Sample Resume for IT Specialist Position

Kim Brown
81 Broadway, NW Hennery Ave
Hamilton, NY 78221
(000) 444.5555 

Information Technology Specialist

Top-performing IT professional with 5 years’ successful experience in the Information Technology field. Proficient in hardware and software maintenance. Solid track record of providing a timely positive response to requests regarding computer-related assistance. A deep understanding of the general organizational confidentiality policies associated with the IT specialist position.

• Expert in antivirus, firewall, and anti-malware software’s regulation
• Adept at offering timely and highly competent technical support in software patching
• Skilled in inter and intra-systems collective network maintenance
• Expert in operational acceptance testing with new systems
• Ability to maintain server infrastructure
• Exceptionally skilled in software-related troubleshooting

Technological Skills
• OS: Windows, Linux, Dos
• Languages: Java, C+, Javascript
• Malware detection and deletion
• MS Server infrastructure 2000 till vista


IT Specialist
Compucom, NY | 2012 – Present
• Supervise maintenance of 100 plus computer systems and ensured functional inter and intranet networking on all systems at all times
• Act as a network administrator during joint ventures and third-party IP involvement
• Maintained user database interface fully updated and functional
• Provide aid in setting up multimedia, installation of relevant software for proper functioning and troubleshooting during large-scale presentations and conferences involving the use of technology

Selected Achievements
• Cross-trained more than 30 employees in two months to act as IT specialists for various branches of the company
• Routed and enabled networking on 20 plus computers single-handedly in preparation for a course to be conducted at a nationwide level

IT officer
Tech Bits, NY |  2008 – 2012
• Responded to system’s security breaches, malware, and virus attacks
• Performed maintenance of 30 plus PC’s on the premises
• Offered assistance in computer software and hardware troubleshooting when needed
• Installed and uninstalled database software as per instructions

Associate’s degree in Computer Sciences (2009)
Specialization: Networking
County College, Hamilton, NY