Writing a resignation letter is one of the most cumbersome tasks but a necessary part of professional life. You should provide your employer with an adequate notice as it is only ethical means to let them find and train someone else in your place before you leave. However, there are times when an employee needs to leave immediately and cannot provide a notice period. In this case, they will need to write an immediate resignation letter by specifying the reason of leaving.

In this scenario, many people write that they are resigning due to a “personal reason” which is not enough. The employer might think that you are hiding something and may not be too happy with the employment. It is strongly recommended to give a hint of what the personal reason is even if you do not want to tell much detail.

Let us look at the following sample resignation letter due to a personal reason.


Immediate Resignation Letter for Personal Reasons


Tracy Bernard
652 Maple Street
Manhattan, KS 20154
(00) 987-4141
tracy @ email . com

May 12, 2016

Ms. Nina Hopkins
Manager Human Resources
Core Inc.
36 Scott Avenue
Manhattan, KS 20154


Dear Ms. Hopkins:

It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I am informing you about my decision to resign from my position as Secretary for Core Inc on immediate basis. My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a debilitating auto-immune disease which has no defined cure as yet, and I need to make arrangements to take him to Ontario, Canada for an experimental procedure that may make the quality of his life somewhat better.

The experimental program that I have applied for demands that I start his treatment from Monday next week which is less than seven days away and I need to do several things before we can fly to Canada. I have worked for wonderful six years at Core Inc. and it is not easy for me to leave suddenly – but unfortunately I do not have another choice.

I understand that the customary resignation procedure requires that I provide a two weeks’ notice or forfeit my salary; I am willing to do the latter. Thank you very much for all the skills that you have taught me in these years and I hope to rejoin this position (if available) when I will return in December. I will hand over my work to Mr. Robert Redford today and can be reached at (021) 999-2012.



Tracy Bernard
Core Inc.