Spa Therapist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 20, 2018

Spa therapists are blessing to people looking for rejuvenation services. The primary job of a spa therapist is to provide massage and relaxation services to clients. They confer with clients to determine their wellness concerns and plan and suggest various spa therapies to address those concerns. They also educate clients on the benefits of different therapies such as facial and body treatments and carry out relevant procedures.

In these days of increasing stress, a multitude of people head towards spas to counter their depression and anxiety. Spa therapists help people de-stress by providing them with body relaxation services. There are many different types of procedures a spa therapist may perform. This may include facials, body massages, foot massages, head massages, manicure and pedicure treatments, hair treatments and body adjustments.

Spa therapists are required to possess good communication skills as they need to be able to decipher what clients want and need to communicate to them the procedure that is necessary to meet the needs. They also make recommendations on what a client may need in order to combat an illness such as fatigue or body sprains. Spa therapists also suggest products the clients may need such as creams and lotions that will help them take better care of themselves.

Below is a list of some duties that a spa therapist is expected to carry out on a typical workday. This job description will be useful when writing a resume of a Spa Therapist.


Job Description for Spa Therapist Resume

• Offer personalized service to guests by greeting them as they arrive
• Confer with clients to determine their individual needs for spa services
• Perform chemical peels, waxing, hot oil and manicure and pedicure procedures
• Suggest types of services that are deemed necessary and appropriate
• Provide appropriate massage treatments
• Provide beauty and skin care advice
• Perform beauty and skin care regimens
• Administer mud baths, body scrubs, and wraps
• Oversee steam baths
• Up-sell spa services where appropriate
• Provide aromatherapy treatments
• Prepare treatment rooms in accordance to services to be provided
• Suggest spa products for clients to buy
• Maintain and clean spa equipment
• Ensure all spa supplies are readily available
• Provide education to clients regarding each procedure to be performed
• Manage clients’ appointments
• Recommend exercise programs and nutrition
• Maintain clients records
• Clean and sanitize work area