New Graduate Massage Therapist Cover Letter

Updated on: July 23, 2019

New massage therapy graduates find the cover letter writing task difficult as they do not have much experience to showcase.

But there are many ways to write an impressive cover letter for an entry-level massage therapist position.


Here are some useful guidelines in this regard:

• Focus on your core competencies, transferable skills and knowledge gained through education and internships

• Showcase your desire to work for a specific employer

• Tell them why you are interested in the position

• Mention how you intend to utilize your skills to the prospective company’s benefit

• Do not forget to follow-up on your job application

Following is a sample cover letter for a new graduate massage therapist with less or no experience in hand.


New Graduate Massage Therapist Cover Letter Sample


Anna Parker
(000) 333.1234

July 23, 2019

Mr. Timothy Grey
HR In Charge
Massage Envy
988 Shire NW Lane
Delano, CA 56722


Dear Mr. Grey:

Your job advertisement for a massage therapist instilled a lot of excitement in me as my extensive knowledge in the massage therapy field coupled with my current massage therapy license makes me a perfect match.

Through my on-the-job training, I polished my skills in facial, body and hair treatments, and waxing services in addition to scheduling and customer service. My particular skills include:

✓ Greeting the clients in a friendly manner and preparing them for their treatments.

✓ Maintaining professionalism and client confidentiality at all times.

✓ Performing effective massage therapy using hands, hydrothermal system, hot towels and massage products.

✓ Room makeup and maintaining a clean and safe environment.

I have many commendations for my abilities in providing guests with a safe and effective massage while consistently exceeding their expectations. I always demonstrate concern and respect in a very professional manner. In addition, I am skilled in setting-up and breaking-down procedures of the massage room.

I encourage you to read further about my massage therapy skills and knowledge in the attached resume. I look forward to meeting with you in an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Anna Parker
(000) 333.1234

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