2 Entry-Level Occupational Therapist Cover Letter Samples – No Experience

Updated on: September 20, 2020

You can write an effective cover letter for an entry-level occupational therapist job if you are aware of the employer’s expectations.

How to Write an Attractive Cover Letter for an Occupational Therapist With No Experience?

Entry-level occupational therapist cover letters should be written keeping the following points in mind:

  1. View the Occupational Therapist job description provided by the employer before writing a cover letter
  2. Target the employer’s needs
  3. Emphasize your skills and knowledge
  4. Showcase an attractive personality
  5. Highlight your academic accomplishments
  6. Demonstrate good communication skills

Refer to the two cover letter samples below to get an idea of how to write a great entry-level cover letter for an occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapist Cover Letter With No Experience (Sample 1)

Kendell Walker
(000) 999-0000

September 20, 2020

Ms. Jennifer Lodge
Hiring Manager
Greenville Health System
536 Grove Park Road
La Place, LA 72727

Dear Ms. Lodge:

As someone who is passionate to help others, I believe that choosing occupational therapy as a career was the best choice I have made. Having recently graduated in OT from the Rehabilitation Institute of La Place, I am now looking for an employment avenue that is in sync with my vision. And I discovered that Greenville Health System is the closest match.

Firmly believing in “spirit equals outcome”, I am a professional when it comes to bringing people out of their shells. Possessing inherent compassion for helping people overcome their disabilities, I have a natural flair for being friendly with all age groups. I always find myself able to discover common ground with patients which are a great encouragement in itself.

Specifically, I offer the following qualifications:

  1. Able to select appropriate evaluation procedures and direct patients’ participation.
  2. Knowledge of functions essential for reintegration into society.
  3. Current FIM (Functional Independence Measure).
  4. Critical thinking skills aimed at facilitating interdisciplinary treatment team dynamics.

I feel confident that my talents will add value to your organization, and would welcome an opportunity to meet with you in an interview I am enclosing my resume for your perusal and will contact your office after a few days to follow-up.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kendell Walker
(000) 999-0000

Entry-Level Occupational Therapist Cover Letter (Sample #2)

Sarah Baker
25 6th Street
Kimball, NE 18545
(000) 854-2014
[email protected]

September 20, 2020

Antonia White
Hiring Manager
Bancroft Health Services
19 Ash Street
Kimball, NE 19203

Dear Ms. White:

As a recent occupational therapy graduate of Nebraska State University, I am interested in working for Bancroft Health Services. Through the 4-year degree program and 2 internships in real-time occupational therapy environments, I have developed the skills that will help me contribute significantly.

My following talents are the most compelling evidence of my candidacy:

  • Knowledge of assessing patient’s conditions and limitations while creating and implementing correlating therapy programs.
  • Adept at assisting patients in developing or regaining physical and mental functioning or adjusting to disability programs by implementing appropriate intervention programs.
  • Proficient in educating patients and families on how to handle their disabilities and limitations.

Besides that, I offer a compassionate nature and exceptional communication skills to meet the needs of the patients and families. Not to mention, I safety-focused and able to manage time and workload effectively.

All things considered, I would welcome the opportunity of a personal interview to discuss how I can exceed your expectations. I will be in touch with you next week to follow-up. Until then, please feel free to call me at (000) 854-2014.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincere regards,

Sarah Baker

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