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2 Entry-Level Occupational Therapist Cover Letter Samples – No Experience

You can write an effective cover letter for an entry-level occupational therapist job if you are aware of the employer’s expectations. How to Write an Attractive Cover Letter for an Occupational Therapist With No Experience? Entry-level occupational therapist cover letters should be written keeping the following points in mind: View the Occupational Therapist job description… Read More »

Occupational Therapist Resume Sample (+9 Tips)

Occupational therapists create individually placed treatment plans for patients (injured, ill, or disabled) that need rehabilitation through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. This may include counseling and developing, recovering, and improving the skills required for daily work, as well as providing suggestions to change the environment and live a healthy or near-normal life. A… Read More »

2 Sample Cover Letters for Occupational Therapist Position

Occupational therapists assist patients who have disabling conditions brought on by mental, emotional, developmental, or even physical disability. From very basic disabilities to very advanced ones, occupational therapists help patients in performing various tasks that a normal human being may take for granted. If you are thinking to apply for an occupational therapist position, the following… Read More »