Cash Handler Resume Sample

Updated on: April 26, 2021

Getting your favorite job has become more difficult than ever now. The job market is oversaturated, so candidates are many and jobs are limited.

The many candidates that we are talking about are not people who have no skills in cash handling. They probably have more skills than you do and are ready to perform the job too.

They might be more skilled but they probably do not have one thing going for them i.e. a well-structured and targeted cash handler resume.

So even if your experience and cash handling skills are below other candidates, a better resume can bring you on top of the pile.

Let us take a look at this sample resume for a cash handler to see what a well-constructed resume looks like:

Cash Handler Resume Example

Elizabeth Cooper
889 Sivley Road, Hopkinsville, KY 88993 
(000) 152-3241
e.cooper @ email . com


Diligent, hardworking, and reliable professional with 9+ years of hands-on experience in cash handling and customer service. A proven communicator who has a demonstrated ability to make appropriate decisions under pressure and in complex situations. Known for providing highly effective outcomes in an adverse situation. Extensive knowledge of state policies of cash handling and disbursement.

• Documented success in securing, transporting, and depositing large amounts of currency.
• Proficient in register closing, deposit preparing, and handling associated paperwork.
• Demonstrated expertise in the safekeeping of funds and cash receipt processing procedures.
• Familiar with the preparation of documents in sync with Federal Reserve Bank Shipments.

• Currency Deposits
• Basic Accounting
• Revenue Clearing
• Deposit Consolidation
• Cash Receipt
• Adjustments
• Drawer Balancing
• Cash Registers

• Introduced a CRT (cash receipt ticketing) system that reduced customer waiting time by 80%.
• Implemented an online cash deposit system, increasing efficiency by 55%.
• Foiled 2 robbery attempts of cash and valuables worth $50,000 by employing vigilance.
• Acted as an integral part of a team that inaugurated a highly complex inventory tracking system to record coin and currency transactions.


Cash Handler
Federal Reserve Bank of Louisiana, Scott, LA 

5/2012 – Present
• Provide services to 50+ customers worth $100000+ transactions per day.
• Receive and take possession of currency and coin deposits from armored carriers.
• Verify currency and coins according to set procedures
• Inform authorities of any discrepancies in numbers or materials of received currency and coins
• Take customers’ orders in forms of checking instruments and issue coins and bills
• Payout and transfer possession of money to armored carriers to be shifted to different locations
• Assist in controlling access to the facility through the use of entry buttons and visuals
• Fill up ATM machines or guard other cash handlers topping up teller machines
• Track complex inventory systems to ensure that incoming and outgoing currency and coins count is accurate
• Keep a lookout for any adverse situation and maintain decorum in case of adverse occurrences

Bank of America, Scott, LA
1/2010 – 5/2012
• Greeted customers and processed their checks and drafts
• Verified instruments to ensure their authenticity and looked for signature matches
• Provided customers with information on correct ways of writing checks and assisted them in filling them out properly
• Processed customers check and issued them cash
• Ensured sufficient amount of cash available in the cash drawer
• Deposited checks and issued receipts
• Tallied cash registers at the end of each day

Associate of Arts in Accounts and Finance

• Microsoft Office Applications
• Experience with a 10-key adding machine
• Internet, Email and Social Media