Vault Teller Skills for Resume

Updated on: January 21, 2019

A vault teller’s skills will determine if he or she will be hired.

Writing your skills is important when writing a resume. And it is important to ensure that your skills are properly shown.

Typically, a vault teller must highlight his or her ability to process checks, pay orders, and drafts.

Also, he must know how to handle deposits. Working as a vault teller is not easy, which is why it is important that you provide information of how skillful you are.

Also, your resume should highlight exactly why you will be a better contender than others for the same position.

It is important to realize that your skills will take you ten steps further when applying for a vault teller position.

And this is why it is imperative that you construct proper skills statements to highlight your knowledge.

A list of skills specific to the position of a vault teller is provided below for your reference:

Vault Teller Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in processing banking instruments such as checks, drafts, and pay orders.

• Excellent skills in responding to clients’ inquiries over the phone, and in person.

• Deeply familiar with providing new and existing clients with information regarding banking products and services.

• Effectively able to handle deposits and issue receipts.

• Documented success in processing banking instruments in a prompt and accurate way.

• Competent in filling orders for currency and coins.

• Exceptionally talented in totaling currency and checks, by using calculators.

• Well-versed in recording deposits and takeaways in clients’ accounts.

• Qualified to count and record large denomination bills and coins.

• Proven ability to balance cash drawers on a daily basis.

• Solid track record of effectively determining discrepancies, for example, lost cash.

• Highly experienced in performing adjustments for clients’ accounts.

• Skilled in ensuring steady and well-placed work processes.

• Unmatched ability to separate and segregate currency.

• Familiar with sealing and unsealing currency and coin bags in a careful manner.

• Ability to prepare clients’ coin and currency orders.

• Expert in determining counterfeit cash and coins.

• Highly skilled in looking out for nefarious activities, and reporting on them immediately.

• Able to facilitate cash transfers between tellers and vaults.

• Deep familiarity with verifying checks and cash in order to ensure their accuracy.

• Focused on providing exceptional customer services, to ensure client loyalty.

• Expert in reviewing member accounts, as well as providing system overrides on other tellers’ transactions, as and when needed.

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