Accounting Skills List for Resume

June 3, 2019

A resume for accounting positions that highlight a candidate’s experience is of great interest to a potential employer.

However, a resume that emphasizes a candidate’s skills and expertise is even more so.

Since accounting skills explain what an individual could perform in a specific role, they hold high importance.

An employer may be less concerned about what you have done professionally in the past, but he is sure to wonder what you can do for him in the future.

What you can do all depends on what your skills are and how you use them to your success!

Mentioning relevant skills on a resume can take you places in your career.

For instance, if you are an accountant and are applying for a job, what skills will help you get the job?

Qualifications for an accounting position are not merely those relevant to numbers and figures.

There are many other abilities that an accountant needs to perform the necessary functions of this job.

Here is a list of accounting skills that you may be interested in.

Sample Skills List for Accounting Resume

• Demonstrated ability to analyze and reconcile financial statements

• Thoroughly familiar with revenue policies and able to work in sync with them.

• Exceptional analytic skills aimed at analyzing financial transactions.

• Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles intending to operating in synchronization with them.

• Well versed in handling tax preparation and record maintenance activities.

• Known for taking directions correctly and transparently providing accounting information.

• Knowledge of both internal and external auditing procedures.

• Ability to visualize and resolve complex accounting procedures and discrepancies.

• Known for making correct decisions in the event of adverse situations affecting accounting procedures.

• Competent at using computers to handle spreadsheets and accounting data.

• Exceptional talent for analyzing financial statements for completeness and accuracy.

• Complete understanding of bad debt management and benefits administration.

• Adept at performing financial forecasting and analysis activities.

• Practical skills in inventory valuation methods, interest calculation, invoice verification, and payment negotiation.

• Solid background in managing petty cash, quarterly taxes, profit sharing records, and subsidiary ledgers.

• Industry awareness targeted at handling accounting activities in sync with the demands of a similar work environment.

• Business savvy with a great ability to represent the company in executive meetings and conferences.

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