Member Service Representative Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 27, 2019

One of the most challenging things about writing a resume for a member service representative position is filling out the skills section.

However, it doesn’t need to be this way. If you are aware of how good you are, you can quickly put skills information in statements.


Member service representative resume skills will include your knowledge of banking products and credit union services. These skills need to be placed in proper sentences. 

Besides, it is important to highlight why you feel that there is no one better to provide services to customers.

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Here are some skills statements for the position of a member service representative:


Member Service Representative Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in accepting and processing deposits.

• Effectively able to process payments such as loans and installments.

• Exceptionally talented in identifying account holder information.

• Well-versed in engaging with clients in order to determine their specific requirements.

• Documented success in ensuring that all services and products remain in compliance with regulations.

• Competent in performing teller functions and ATM balancing duties.

• Qualified to receive and pay out money as per members’ requests.

• Highly skilled in maintaining cash levels in order to ensure that they remain within established limits.

• Proficient in preparing documentation related to currency movement, including vault logs, and accounting entries.

• Adept at facilitating cash transfers between tellers and vaults.

• Excellent skills in assisting clients open and close accounts according to procedures.

• Particularly effective in processing currency and coin orders.

• Special talent for reviewing and providing system overrides on other tellers’ transactions.

• Unmatched ability to review clients’ accounts in order to make appropriate decisions.

• First-hand experience in balancing cash drawers on a daily basis.

• Proven ability to promote the bank or credit union’s products and services.

• Hands-on experience in settling ATMs, especially during faults such as dispenser issues.

• Able to develop individual and branch summaries related to banking products.

• Expert in handling clients’ complaints and problems to ensure repeat business opportunities.

• Skilled in responding to queries following established protocols.

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