Top 3 Bank Teller Resume Samples

Updated February 9, 2022
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Bank tellers interact with clients and provide them with cash and check transaction services.  

The nature of their job is sensitive, therefore, they are screened well before the job offer.

A well-written resume can be a door opener for a highly paid bank teller job.

For that reason, you should never undermine the importance of your resume and invest an ample amount of time in building your resume.

How to Write a Good Resume for Bank Teller Job?
  1. Use a bank teller summary or bank teller objective statement to start your resume.
  2. Include action verbs to create the experience section.
  3. Write a few bank teller achievements that correspond to the employer’s requirements.
  4. Be accurate while stating your experience, you might be cross-checked.
  5. Choose a format that is suitable for your profile – one size does not fit all.

The following are 3 resume samples for the position of bank teller.

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Bank Teller Resume Page Image

Bank Teller Resume Sample 1

Charles Smith
55 Yale Horizon, Fairmont, WV 54344
(000) 320-8541
[email protected]

I am poised to outperform in a fast-paced banking environment. 

Ambitious and detail-oriented banking professional, with 12+ years’ track record of success in the capacity of a bank teller. Attained numerous prestigious customer service awards for consistently increasing customers’ positive feedback. Expert in processing financial transactions, handling customers, and foreign currency accounts management. Ability to use computer programs and various automated financial software. 


CitiBank, Fairmont, WV
6/2016 – Present

  • Greet clients and assist them in financial transactions.
  • Maintain and balance cash drawer on a daily basis.
  • Supervise foreign currency accounts and personally monitor transactions of above $10000.
  • Identify referral opportunities and cross-sell bank services effectively.

Key Accomplishments

  • Reduced manual transaction processing time by 50% through the implementation of quick and foolproof strategies.
  • Upsold financial services worth 1 million within the first six months of employment by demonstrating high-quality customer care and client referral protocol.
  • Earned employee of the month award 5 times during the tenure.

Bank Teller
Fairmont Bank, Fairmont, WV
4/2010 – 6/2016

  • Processed client requests and account transactions effectively.
  • Balanced cash drawers.
  • Provided information regarding banking procedures, transaction time and financial services.
  • Handled cash drawer and oversaw ATM operations.
  • Provided excellent customer service.
  • Helped resolve customer concerns in a timely fashion.
  • Followed standard operating procedures to minimize errors and reduce fraud.
  • Built great rapport with clients.

Key Accomplishments

  • Enhanced the overall mortgage clientele by 30% through referrals and social media marketing.
  • Trained a team of 5 new employees regarding bank procedures and cash drawer handling protocol.

B.S., Financial Management
St. Louis Technical College, Fairmont, WV | 2008

– Deposits/Withdrawals 
– Advances Handling
– Check Processing
– Accounts Balancing
– Bonds Issuance
– Direct Deposits
– Loan Payments
– Cross-selling

English and Spanish

Bank Teller Resume Sample 2

Hermione Hall
736 Beatty Road
Crocker, MO 73634
(000) 099-4145

I offer repeated records of achievements with major financial institutions


  1. Datail-oriented bank teller with 5+ years of progressively responsible experience in busy banking environments.
  2. Highly skilled in cashing checks, accepting deposits and loan payments, and processing withdrawals.
  3. Able to record all transactions in a prompt and efficient manner.
  4. Recognized for providing exceptional customer service and resolving clients’ accounts issues.
  5. In-depth knowledge of examining instruments for endorsements and verification purposes.
  6. Proficient in using computers and other office equipment.
  7. Bilingual – English and Spanish.


  • Achieved success in pulling out a fraudulent activity by endorsing check verification processes
  • Conducted auditing of all dormant accounts and soliciting business from them


Bank Teller
Hudson City Savings – Crocker, MO             

  • Maintain contact with clients regarding cash and checking services
  • Handle deposits, withdrawals, money orders, cashier and travelers’ checks, and credit card advances
  • Balance cash drawers
  • Cross-sell bank products and services.
  • Transfer funds and accept loan payments
  • Examine checks for endorsements
  • Perform data entry services regarding clients’ accounts and transactions

First National Bank of Omaha – Fort Collins, CO               

  • Provided the customer service in person, by telephone, and by email
  • Processed checks and other transactions
  • Managed transfers between accounts and automatic distribution forms
  • Recorded amounts received and prepared reports of sales
  • Performed transactions following the member’s request
  • Redeemed US Savings Bonds and balanced ATM
  • Operated online teller terminal

Bachelor of Business Administration
Majors: Banking & Finance
St. Peter Community College, Fort Collins, CO


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Strong interpersonal and analytic skills
  • Ability to perform advanced mathematical calculations
  • Strong banking concepts
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment

Bank Teller Resume Example 3
(Basic and Simple Version)

Sara Anderson
56 West Street, Atlantic City, NJ 65551
(000) 965-2085

Successfully serving bank customers with accuracy and professionalism.

Energetic, customer-focused, and extremely dependable Bank Teller with 3+ years’ diversified experience with different financial institutions. Proficient in providing all kinds of paying and receiving transaction services. Effectively identifies customers’ potential needs and suggests appropriate bank services.

• Proven ability to adapt to the demands of a challenging workload in a fast-paced environment.
• Strong work ethic and a desire to go beyond the expectations of the employer.
• Excellent attention to detail

– Cash Handling
– Account Management
– Check Cashing
– Problem Solving
– ATM/TCD Balancing
– Withdrawals
– Accuracy
– Deposits Management


Bank Teller
May 2021 – Present
• Maintain appropriate cash limits, cash checks and manage deposits
• Issue cashier’s checks, pay orders, traveler’s checks, money advances, and funds transfers
• Cash and check deposits, process loan expenses, and open new accounts
• Perform cash management, customer service, cash drawer balancing, and petty cash management tasks
• Keep the record of excess or less cash at the end of the shift

Selected Achievements
• Detected a fraudulent transaction of $80000 on time
• Hired as a junior teller – promoted because of accurateness, pace, and skills

Bank Intern
BANK OF AMERICA – Atlantic City, NJ 
Jan 2018 – May 2021
• Maintained appropriate cash limits, cashed checks, established deposits
• Assisted teller in the issuance of cashier’s checks, money orders, trekker checks, money advances, and funds transfers
• Supported clients in every part of banking transactions
• Assisted in all secretarial responsibilities inside the bank
• Photocopied the documents of customers

Associate of Science in Accounts and Finance
Jersey Community College, Atlantic City, NJ | 2008

• MS Office Applications
• Data Entry 50 WPM

Bilingual (English/French)

• A hard worker who works independently and responds promptly
• Helpful approach and positive attitude

“I am  concise, clear, and consistent when dealing with financial matters.”
Additional Guidelines

In order to make your resume attractive, you can mention your abilities in handling routine member transactions, check cashing, deposits, transfers, cash advances, withdrawals, loan payments, and bond cashing.

Also, draw the recruiter’s attention towards your bank teller skills such as examining checks for endorsement, negotiability, and fraud, and receiving payments for all customer and credit loans.


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