Bank Teller Interview Questions and Answers

Updated September 25, 2018

Position Overview

Bank tellers are responsible for executing bank transactions such as check deposits, cash withdrawals and verifying endorsements. They receive and examine checks, determine check validity and deliver cash to clients. They are expected to greet customers as they approach the counter and assist them in making transactions. This may include processing savings withdrawals, cashing checks, receiving proper identification, identifying counterfeit currency and answering basic questions to help clients.

Bank tellers provide clients with information regarding interest rates, service charges, and account information. They also issue traveler’s checks, money orders, and savings bonds and manage inter-bank transfers. Bank tellers also assist clients in buying and selling currency. People applying for this position should possess a high school diploma at the very least.

If you have obtained an interview for a bank teller position, the following sample questions and answers will assist you to prepare an interview.

Bank Teller Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to work as a bank teller?
I have been working as a bank teller for six years and find this work very interesting. The challenges that I am posed with each day motivate me to work well in a high volume environment. Eventually, I would like to work as a relationship manager once I have had ample experience as a teller.

Are you comfortable with handling large sums of money? How do you deal with the stress associated with high volume work?
Yes, I am. I ensure that I tally all transactions several times in a day and quite thoroughly at the end of my shift. Since I am a highly organized individual, I can handle workload effectively. I plan my work day and then make changes to my schedule as the day goes on.

Tell us of a successful sales experience.
A client whose account I was handling came in one day along with a friend. While I was processing transactions for the client, I could sense the interest of his friend. I engaged him in conversation and convinced him to open an account with us.

How do you deal with angry clients?
I believe in the cliché that customers are always right. Even when I know that a client is unreasonable, I exercise diplomacy and tact. I have discovered that by listening to an angry client without arguing, you can determine what action to take and how to deal with him or her.

Why did you choose our bank?
The Bank of America has a prestigious name in the banking sector all over the world. Also, the professionalism and teamwork inside your bank attracted me to become a part of your team.

Why should we hire you?
Because I can contribute significantly to your bank utilizing my expertise in processing customer transactions, balancing cash drawers, calculating daily transactions using computers, and verifying that signatures are correct.

How would you convince the customer to become a client of this bank?
Utilizing my strong convincing power, exceptional customer service abilities and working knowledge of banking procedures, I would be able to explain the different schemes offered by the bank in the most fruitful way.

What are your strengths?
I possess excellent attention to detail to ensure transaction accuracy, exceptional cash handling skills and have a demonstrated ability to communicate with clients, staff and management effectively.

What is your greatest weakness?
I remain calm when dealing with irate and angry clients.

What do you know about our bank?
[See the ‘About Us’ page of the prospective bank before leaving for the interview.]

From your point of view, what characterizes a good teller?
Great communication and customer service skills combined with cash handling and drawer management abilities can make someone the best teller.

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