6+ Lube Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated September 8, 2021
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Don’t think that you cannot fail in a lube technician interview because your job application is already accepted. That is to say, Lube Technician Interviews are tricky. 

They are designed to make a candidate feel confident in the first go and then make his hopes come crashing down gradually.

How you handle this makes a good or bad impression on the interviewer. Create the impression that you can handle all adversities.

The following is a set of interview questions and answers for a lube technician position that will help you prepare:

6 Lube Technician Interview Questions and Answers

1. Give us an overview of your duties as a lube technician in a previous or present role.

As a lube technician, I was responsible for checking fluid levels on automobiles, refilling them as necessary, performing vehicle inspections, installing new oil drain plugs, and cleaning and lubricating fittings.

2. What qualifies you to work as a lube technician at our facility?

I possess exceptional expertise in operating equipment such as overhead mounted oil and grease guns, transmission machines, air conditioner service equipment, and radiator service machines. Besides, I am well-versed in determining the need for a tire rotation or changes and perform detailed vehicle inspections.

3. Why do you think routine maintenance is essential on vehicles?

Routine maintenance is essential as it saves vehicles from a lot of long and short-term damage and road accidents. Changing air and air-conditioner filters and lubricating parts, and of course, other important maintenance work does not only provide technicians with information on the general health of a vehicle, but also provides customers insight into how road-worthy their truck is, and when they need to change a certain part or component.

4. How do you feel about the physical labor associated with working as a lube technician?

Physical labor is a given while working as a lube technician – you cannot get away from it. To be honest, the physical labor does not bother me as the challenge of working at this position keeps me busy. Of course, during immense heat or double shifts, I do take periodic short breaks to make sure that I do not feel overwhelmed.

5. Have you ever found yourself in a fix while performing the work of a lube technician?

In the actual maintenance work, I have no issues handling it. There was a time when a customer got antsy about me suggesting tire replacement. He accused me of trying to make money off him as he had “recently put in new tires.” I explained that the tires on his car were worn and he will fail the vehicle road-worthy test if he doesn’t change them soon.

There were a lot of hullabaloos and my supervisor had to intervene. Thankfully, my assessment was right as my supervisor provided the same suggestion to the customer, which seemed to make sense to him. He apologized for his rude behavior.

6. What can you contribute to our organization as a lube technician?

I am very thorough when it comes to vehicle inspections. This makes it easy for me to determine the need for maintenance and repair. Also, I am exceptionally well-versed in performing oil changes, belt inspections, and providing detailed support as well.


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