Pest Control Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: May 24, 2018

An oncoming interview may be a source of happiness for most, but for many, it is great tension as well.

The fact that one is placed on a pedestal during the interview process can scare many away. But not if you are prepared!

To prepare for a pest control technician interview, go through the following set of questions and answers:




Pest Control Technician Interview Questions and Answers

What brought you into the great big world of pest control?
It all started as a game initially – as a child, I was never afraid of lizards and roaches, and would often catch them and keep them with me in a humane way for some time. This interest and the ability to handle the intricacies associated with pest control work brought me here.

What have been your duties while working as a pest control technician in the past?
As a pest control technician, I have been responsible for scanning and inspecting buildings and grounds to determine pest infestations, identifying the best possible ways to exterminate them, or control infestations, operation spraying equipment, and ensuring that end-inspections are performed to determine if pest control activities were successful.

What skills does one need to work as a pest control technician?
Working as a pest control technician requires consummate skills in determining the habitats of different types of pests primarily. In addition to this, one needs to be able to fearlessly find and handle infestations, operate tools and equipment required for extermination, and the ability to make sure that an outbreak has been taken care of, through quality control, and rechecking measures.

What has been your most challenging pest control job as yet?
Challenges are an everyday thing for people working as pest control technicians. But there was one job that left me baffled for the longest time before I was able to handle it. A school administrator contacted me because of a strange noise that seemed to be coming from the ventilation system, which was an intricate labyrinth of pipes. I had to go through the ventilation system (in the physical sense) to find out where the animal noise was coming from. It so happened, that there was a little ferret stuck in the pipes, and was calling out for help!

How do you feel about the perils associated with this work?
Perils are an everyday thing when you are working in pest control. I do not think about them too much, as I take all the measures that I can to ensure that I remain safe while performing a job.

What is the one achievement that you are proud of?
I am responsible for creating a booklet (published by Core Publishers) on pest infestations, and how to handle them on a domestic level. This booklet is now being widely used as a reference by many household members.