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Oil Change Technician Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Oil change technicians are also known as lube technicians. They are usually hired at the entry-level where they are required to perform basic vehicle maintenance regarding fluids. People working as oil change technicians need to have worked as an apprentice in a vehicle maintenance facility if they want to be eligible for this… Read More »

Entry-Level Lube Technician Resume No Experience – Sample

Are you looking to kickstart your career as a Lube Technician but worried about your lack of experience? Don’t fret! This sample resume is tailored specifically for entry-level Lube Technicians who have little to no experience. You can use this template as a foundation and customize it according to your specific requirements. With this comprehensive… Read More »

2 Lube Technician Cover Letter Samples [+Format]

A lube technician is responsible for ensuring that a client’s vehicle is working correctly. The typical duties of a lube technician include performing routine maintenance on vehicles, making oil changes, and greasing bearings. Moreover, they service the parts of the vehicle such as the windscreen, air filters, tires, and engine coolant. The following is a… Read More »

3 Oil Technician Resume Samples (Based on Experience Level)

An oil technician or automotive lube technician tests a vehicle’s fluids and makes repairs when necessary. Specifically, they check and change the oil in cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks. In addition, they perform many relevant tasks such as checking the status of tires, air filters, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid, and engine coolant. They need… Read More »