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Lube Technician Interview | 6 Questions and Answers

Don’t think that you cannot fail in a lube technician interview because your job application is already accepted. That is to say, Lube Technician Interviews are tricky. They are designed to make a candidate feel confident in the first go and then make his hopes come crashing down gradually. How you handle this makes a good… Read More »

Entry-Level Lube Technician Resume No Experience

An automotive lube technician (or oil technician) checks a vehicle lubes and makes common repairs when required. In addition to checking the oil levels in cars and trucks, they are also responsible for checking tires’ pressure, changing air filters, filling windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid, and engine coolant. Below is a good resume template for entry-level… Read More »

Lube Technician Cover Letter Sample

A lube technician is responsible for ensuring that a client’s vehicle is working correctly. The typical duties of a lube technician include performing routine maintenance on vehicles, making oil changes, and greasing bearings. Moreover, they service the parts of the vehicle such as the windscreen, air filters, tires, and engine coolant. The following is a… Read More »