Production Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 4, 2019

Jitters due to an impending interview for a production technician position?

No need to worry.



As long as you are aware of what the work is all about, you can handle the Production Technician interview perfectly.

Here is a set of interview questions and answers for a production technician role that you can go through:

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Production Technician Interview Questions and Answers

What inspired you to take up a career as a production technician?

Production work has always held great appeal for me, ever since I worked as an apprentice in a production company. Since then, I have trained myself rigorously so that I can perform this work. The fact that I possess great skills in this area also added to my decision to take this up as a career.

What skills do you possess which you feel help you in working as a production technician?

I am an experienced production technician, with over 5 years of solid track record. Specifically, I am skilled in ensuring the safety of production areas, maintaining production machines and equipment, and controlling production processes.

Moreover, I am well-versed in setting up and calibrating production equipment and feeding raw materials into it. Also, I am competent in setting gauges at the right temperatures and speeds, as instructed by my supervisors.

What do you feel is the most difficult part of working as a production technician?

The work is challenging overall. However, ensuring product quality is probably the most challenging part of working as a production technician.

How do you ensure quality?

My present place of work has a great quality control system in place. I make sure that I adhere to the instructions provided in the quality control manual, and follow supervisors’ instructions as best as possible. By doing this, I can almost always ensure the quality of end products.

What are some of the main duties that you have performed in a production technician role?

As a production technician, I have been involved in many tasks such as setting up and calibrating machines, selecting materials and feeding raw materials into machines.

Also, my work has involved checking all production cycles in order to ensure that they are running properly. In addition, I am responsible for end-product packaging, labeling, and shipping.

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now, professionally speaking?

I have been working as a production technician for 7 years now, and have learned quite a lot. Once I am satisfied that I know what the work is all about 100%, I would want to work in a supervisory role, within a production arena.

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