Lube Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: May 30, 2017


You may have written many resumes in your career lifetime but if you want to apply for a new lube technician job, you cannot use the one that you have written before.

To explore a new job opportunity, it is important that you write a fresh resume for lube technician position.

Use the following sample lube technician resume to write your own:

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Lube Technician Resume Sample



Henry Smith

850 E 554 Road | Butler, OK 73625 | (000) 847-5214 | henry.smith @ email .com

Maximizing profits through dedication and commitment.

Performance Summary
Top-performing Lube Technician with over 14 years’ hands-on experience in performing quality lube, oil and filter changing tasks. Proficient in checking and refilling engine, transmission, windshield, coolant and power steering fluid levels.

Adheres to lube guidelines and complies with company standard operating procedures. Effectively works with team members in a fast-paced and busy environment. Known to maintain an organized and clean work area.

Areas of Expertise

✓ Multipoint Inspection ✓ Preventative Maintenance
✓ Fluid Checks ✓ Tire Rotation
✓ Wheel Balancing ✓ Battery Installation
✓ Malfunction Diagnosis ✓ Filter Installation
✓ Vehicular Assessment ✓ Safety Protocols
✓ Parts Replacement ✓ Tire Mounting
✓ Oil Change ✓ Customer Service


Professional Experience

The Automotive Group, Butler, OK | 2011 – Present
Lube Technician
• Greet customers as they arrive at the facility and engage them in conversation to determine their purpose of visit
• Assess vehicles by performing detailed inspections and deciphering repair and maintenance requirements
• Assist customers in determining the need for repair and maintenance by providing them with feedback on vehicle condition
• Diagnose malfunctions and perform necessary repairs such as replacing parts and components
• Perform preventative maintenance such as lubrication, fluid replacements, coolant services and brake adjustments
• Verify vehicle serviceability and ensure the quality of repairs by test driving the vehicle and adjusting repairs
• Perform tire inspections and repairs and perform lubrication of the chassis, body and front end
• Clean or replace air conditioning filters and perform maintenance on condensers

Key Results & Accomplishments
• Successfully changed oil for a fleet of 50 cars in one day, as part of a marathon maintenance gig
• Introduced the idea of preventative maintenance to a company hosting 100 rental cars, reducing breakdowns by 75%

Heartland Automotive Services, Butler, OK | 2003 – 2011
Automotive Oil Technician
• Assisted lube technicians with vehicular inspections and provided feedback regarding required repair and maintenance
• Performed tire rotations and balancing and assisted in changing and inflating tires
• Inspected vehicles and ensured that fluid levels were properly refilled
• Cleaned and lubricated fittings as required and performed oil change services
• Checked brakes and brake fluids and ensured that any causes of concern were communicated to the technician

Key Results & Accomplishments
• Singlehandedly managed tire rotation for a large truck, requiring at least 4 people to do the job
• Implemented a series of safety protocols which reduced onsite injuries and accidents by a staggering 88%

High School Diploma
Butler High School, Butler, OK | 2000

Current Driver’s License

“I provide high quality car maintenance service while maintaining high levels of standards.”