12 Automotive Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 27, 2022

There is no doubt about the fact that interviews are the most looked-forward-to times of our careers.

They give us chances to prove ourselves to employers and to ourselves – even if we do not do well at an interview, we learn much from it.

For instance, if you are an automotive technician and are about to appear for an interview, you may consider what an interview will actually do for you.

One gains much confidence from appearing at interviews so even if you do not end up obtaining the position you have been interviewed for, you will have learned something so that is a plus point of interviews!

Interviews have come a long way; the standard “tell me about yourself” and “why did you leave your last job” are rarely asked now.

Questions are usually targeted to the job description – an automotive technician will be asked what he knows about brake systems or auto maintenance and so on.

An interviewer may also test your knowledge by asking you questions posing as a client – a type of role-playing – to gauge how much you know.

During an automotive technician interview, you may be asked some of the following questions – typical answers are also provided for your convenience.

Automotive Technician Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me about your job-relevant qualifications?

After my high school diploma, I completed 200 hours of vocational training in automotive mechanics and possess an ASE certification along with a driver’s license.

2. What are the main duties of an automotive technician position?

Major duties of an automotive technician include: inspecting the vehicle, assessing the operational problems, performing computerized and electronic testing using specialized equipment, conducting road tests, and providing repair guidance to mechanics and technical staff. The range of duties also includes fine-tuning of the engine and maintenance service and repair records.

3. What are some of the diagnosis and repair areas that you are experienced in?

I have experience in handling advanced fuel ignition, suspension and alignment, air conditioning and brakes, and hydraulics systems.

4. Once you have made assessments on an automobile, what is your next step?

After I know what it is that an automobile needs, I convert mechanical jargon into laymen’s terms for customers so that they can understand what is wrong with their vehicle. Once I know that they are aware of the problem, I provide them with a time and cost estimate of the repairs that need to be done.

5. What skills do you believe an automotive technician needs to be successful in his job?

Apart from possessing mechanical skills, an automotive technician needs to have a high level of motivation and energy. He needs to possess good customer service skills as well.

6. Before you hand over a repaired or troubleshot vehicle to a customer, what do you do to ensure that the vehicle works properly?

I always road-test the vehicle I have repaired or performed maintenance on. This way, I can determine if the repair or maintenance work actually works in a real-time environment.

7. What skills do you possess that make you eligible for an automotive technician position with our company?

I possess 5 ASE certifications along with seven years of automotive mechanical diagnosis and repair experience. Particularly, I am proficient in diagnosing problems by utilizing computerized testing equipment, fine-tuning the engine, enhancing fuel consumption, and improving drive quality.

8. How do you handle a situation where your supervisor asks you to do something in a way you are not familiar with?

I am an adaptable person and highly respect authority. Whatever way the supervisor tells me to carry out a task; I’ll definitely try to do it that way without complaining or arguing.

9. Share an experience where you handled a difficult situation?

Once I raised an engine singlehandedly in an old vehicle to fix a problem. It was done to perfection, but while lowering the engine I realized that the lower body was rusting and the procedure took much longer than initially anticipated.

10. What do you find most challenging while fixing a problem?

Sometimes the customers persist in seeing the whole repair done and they start asking too many questions which make it difficult to concentrate. I find such situations quite challenging and usually try to minimize the conversation until the problem has been fixed to allow my maximum concentration where it should be.

11. What do you do to make sure your vehicle inspection is comprehensive?

I maintain a proper checklist and for each car that comes in for diagnosis or service, I go through that checklist carefully to make sure my inspection and assessment are thorough and that I am not missing any aspect.

12. Describe a time when you dealt with a difficult client, what could you have done differently?

During my first year at work, I fixed a serious defect in a car’s engine but failed to fix the muffler properly. The customer returned within a week complaining of the noise and claiming a refund. I had great difficulty convincing him that the noise was just due to the muffler and that I can fix it. I learned from this incident to always check minor details before closing up the engine in the future.

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