Lube Technician Cover Letter Example

Updated July 8, 2016

Start off on the right foot in your job seeking endeavors and you have a great chance of ending up right too. All your job application documents need to be in sync with each other if you want success to be at your feet. Your cover letter, for instance, has to be written according to what you have written in your resume. While a cover letter should never reiterate information provided in the accompanying resume, it is important that it builds up on it.

Cover letters are not used as mere blankets for resumes. They have a purpose which is to provide potential employers with information that they cannot find in the resume. While the resume will give a hiring manager a stark view of what the candidate is all about, it almost always fails to elaborate on how the individual intends to use his or her skills to perform tasks associated with the job. This is the work of a cover letter.

Writing a cover letter is no rocket science, as some people seem to believe. It may seem a bit daunting in the beginning but once you have all the facts right in front of you (and the fallacies disregarded), you can actually write a pretty darn good cover letter! Let us help you a little by providing you with the following cover letter example:


Lube Technician Cover Letter Example


2322 8th Street
Buffalo, WY 20112

July 7, 2016

Mr. Ken Olsen
Hiring Manager
Avis Group
516 E Foote Road
Buffalo, WY 82834


Dear Mr. Olsen:

You have mentioned your requirements as “broad range of automotive knowledge” and “experience in ensuring appropriate fluid levels in a variety of vehicles” for a Lube Technician position at Avis Group. I possess the following:

• Effectively able to operate equipment such as overhead and floor mounted grease guns and transmission machines to ensure appropriate levels of fluids
• Demonstrated expertise in assessing vehicles to determine problems with brakes, belts and tires and propose viable solutions
• Highly experienced in performing over 40 oil changes per day, in a variety car models
• Skilled in the use and maintenance of a vast variety of tools and equipment to locate and correct malfunctioning areas including ignitions, brake shoes and wheel bearings

To provide you with further insight into my capabilities as a lube technician, I would like an interview with you, at your convenience. I will be in touch soon to set a time and date. Until then, I am available at (000) 475-7422 if you need any additional information to support my claims of being suitable for the job.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Wade Cane