Top 6 IT Support Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: May 16, 2022

Interviewers can be quite relentless and unforgiving to people sitting at the other end of their desks. But that is their job.

As a candidate who is being interviewed, it is up to you to make sure that you do not succumb to the pressure of an interview – any amount of pressure will make it difficult for you to concentrate on the questions that you are being asked.

If you are prepared, no amount of pressure will put any negative effect on you.

So if you are appearing for an interview for an IT support technician position, here is how you can prepare.

IT Support Technician Interview Questions and Answers

1. What were your primary duties working as an IT support technician?

Working as an IT support technician, I provided end-users with assistance in understanding and working with technology. This includes configuring their systems and peripherals, working out reasons why a fault has occurred, teaching users how to effectively use technology to meet their work objectives, and handling network and system problems.

2. What skills do you have particularly that help you with your work as an IT support technician?

I am exceptionally well-versed in configuring and installing both hardware components and software applications. Additionally, I possess excellent troubleshooting skills which I aim at ensuring minimum system downtime.

3. Tell us of a time when you had an encounter with a customer which was almost laughable.

I once received a call from a customer who insisted that the desktop that she had bought from my company a day ago, wasn’t working. I asked her to tell me what the problem was and she kept saying that the ON button on the CPU wouldn’t switch the computer on. I walked her through the entire rigmarole of checking cables behind the unit and apparently all was well. She insisted that I have it replaced immediately. Before I agreed, I asked her to check if the cable was properly inserted into a power outlet. She told me it wasn’t because she had bought one with a built-in battery! Apparently, she was a first-time computer user and had accidentally ordered a desktop instead of a laptop. Afterward, she told me that there was another problem – there was no screen on the CPU!

4. How do you keep yourself from laughing out loud or being impatient when things like these happen?

I am too well-trained in customer service to laugh out loud when these things happen, but I do let go when I am alone! It is difficult handling customers who are completely new to technology but patience is the key here!

5. Which other platforms are you comfortable working on apart from Windows?

I am comfortable working on Android, MAC, and UNIX platforms.

6. If you were to handle a situation where only one computer is unable to communicate with the Internet, how would you address the issue?

I would perform all of the following things to determine where the problem is:

  • Provide a dynamic IP to my system
  • Renew my IP from ipconfig
  • Uninstall and reinstall NIC
  • Use a pluggable USB to Ethernet cable