Information Technology Technician Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: March 27, 2021

In a typical office environment, employees need the support of someone to handle the many technological and computer-related challenges that arise each day.

Information technology technicians are hired for this purpose specifically – to help users with their software and hardware operations and issues.

These professionals face many challenges every day; from installing hardware and software to troubleshooting users’ problems while providing exceptional customer service.

They help customers in person, through emails, and even on the telephone.

So what Information Technology Technician do specifically? Read below to find out!

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Information Technology Technician Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Identify hardware and software needs of each user’s computers and take measures to meet those needs

• Assist in customizing and adapting existing programs on a computer system to meet the needs of the users

• Troubleshoot problems with hardware and software on each system and provide appropriate solutions

• Provide users with network access according to instructions provided by the management

• Connect hardware and peripherals such as printers and scanners and configure them to work properly

• Install programs and software onto each computer according to the specific needs of the user

• Ensure that computers and networks are secured by installing antivirus and anti-malware applications

• Handle computer security breaches by following standardized procedures

• Perform regular and preventative physical and virtual maintenance on standalone computers and on the network members

• Monitor the security of all technological members on a network

• Assist customers and users with their hardware issues over the telephone, face to face, and through emails and tickets

• Train users to handle information technology equipment by providing precise instructions

• Provide training to users in the event of a new technology module

• Install/Upgrade antivirus and firewalls on computers and networks to ensure security

• Handle data backup activities by ensuring the appropriate running of backup servers and drives

• Provide new users with the orientation of existing technology

• Recommend purchases for both software and hardware


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