Automotive Technician Resume Objectives

August 14, 2018

An automotive technician is what used to be called an auto mechanic: a person who repairs vehicles like cars when they go wrong.

If you want to be an automotive technician you will need a specific set of skills; ability to understand road vehicles’ and able to tell what’s wrong with one that’s brought in without necessarily depending on gadgets or computers. Of course, since the twenty-first century is characterized by the inclusion of computers in practically everything, you’ll also have to have a working knowledge of the electronic and computer systems cars use, and be able to work with them.

You will need to do a lot of preventive maintenance of the vehicles that belong to your regular clients. This means that your clients will bring the vehicle to your repair and maintenance facility at regular intervals so that you can see if everything’s all right, or if the vehicle needs something done. There is a certification called Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE, which you will need to get a license to repair road vehicles.

To apply for this job, you need an Automotive Technician Cover Letter and Resume. Your resume contains different sections including an objective statement, qualifications, skills, achievements, education alike. Let us focus on the objective section of a resume.

Automotive Technician Resume Objective Examples

• Self-motivated automotive technician with strong vehicle repair and customer service background looking for a position with Gateway Car Repair.

• Hard-working automotive technician, looking for a position of Automotive Technician at AvMechanics utilizing my experience of repairing cars and my keen sense of refurbishing to bring about accomplishments in car repair.

• To obtain a position as an Automotive Technician at We Fix where I can help the company’s client development by using my experience of repairing cars and knowledge of computerized mechanics.

• A position of Auto Technician at Sammy’s Car Repair making the most of hands-on skills in refurbishing cars and knowledge of automotive repair and maintenance protocols.

• Auto Tech position with  AutoNation Las Vegas. Offering strong diagnostic ability and skills in rectification of basic problems of vehicles.

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