The reason you even write a resume for billing manager position is to effectively reach out to a potential employer, and proactively provide reasons to him to hire you.

Since writing an effective billing manager resume is of great importance, you must know a few things about resume writing. For one, your resume must possess a balance of content and white space.

And it should be absolutely relevant to the position for which you are applying for. Here is a sample to follow:


Billing Manager Resume Sample


Keith Jobs

8 Lakeview Avenue | Milford, DE 78023 | (000) 999-8546 | keithjobs @ email . com


Performance Summary
Highly responsible and industrious leader with 10+ years’ progressive experience in planning billing operations on a departmental basis. A team player who has effective communication and interpersonal skills and a great ability to hire, develop and lead billing staff.

• Track record of overseeing and streamlining billing and collections processes within designated department
• Demonstrated ability to plan and implement quality assurance metrics for all billing processes
• Proven track record of effectively performing strategic planning and priority setting for the billing department
• Competent in improving billing processes by providing insight into efficient procedures and protocols

Billing Management Competencies

• Billing Functions• Tax Credit Approvals
• Process QA• Personnel Development
• Statements Preparation• Delinquent Accounts Management
• Document Tracking• Loss Minimization
• Central Billing Procedures• Payments Posting
• Crossover Billing Procedures• AR Coordination

• Established procedures to follow (from scratch) to ensure appropriate follow up on delinquent accounts
• Increased the accuracy of billing procedures by 55% by implementing a double check procedure
• Reduced delinquency issues by a whopping 85% by introducing easy payment plans and quick follow ups
• Streamlined billing procedures by putting in place a series of strategic plans and providing intense training to the billing staff


Billing Manager
Nant Health, Milford, DE | 11/2013 – Present

• Develop, maintain and oversee all billing procedures for specifically designated department
• Follow up on all receivable balances and ensure that delinquent account holders are contacted and perused for payments
• Prepare periodic billing reports and supervise billing staff to ensure accuracy and efficiency of claims
• Develop and implement billing policies with a focus on continuous improvement of each billing process and sub-process
• Ascertain that all received payments are properly logged to appropriate register

Assistant Billing Manager
Sava Healthcare, Lincoln, NE | 5/2009 – 11/2013

• Processed charge slips and ensured that they were posted to patients’ accounts in an accurate and timely manner
• Provided insight when reconciling statements
• Ensured that any discrepancy was properly managed
• Completed and submitted all Medicare billing forms and back-up information
• Handled all associated billing, mailing and collection duties

Billing Clerk
Anderson Care, Milford, DE| 2/2006 – 5/2009

• Collected information from different departments in order to calculate billable amounts
• Checked all acquired data to ensure accuracy of the final bill and ensured that it was timely inputted into the records system
• Issued invoices, bills and statements and ensured they were delivered to patients on their given addresses
• Sent reminder messages and emails to patients with outstanding bills and followed up on delinquencies
• Updated patients’ master files on a regular basis to ensure that all information remains current

University of Virginia –Charlottesville, VA | 2005
BS in Accounts & Finance